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Filippenzen 2

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1 Indien er dan enige vertroosting is in Christus, indien er enige troost is der liefde, indien er enige gemeenschap is des Geestes, indien er enige innerlijke bewegingen en ontfermingen zijn; [Efez 4:32];


1 If [there be] therefore G3767 any G1536 consolation G3874 in G1722 Christ G5547, if any G1536 comfort G3890 of love G26, if any G1536 fellowship G2842 of the Spirit G4151, if any G1536 bowels G4698 and G2532 mercies G3628, [Efez 4:32];


1 If, then, any exhortation [is] in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of spirit, if any bowels and mercies, [Efez 4:32];


1 ει G1487 COND τις G5100 X-NSF ουν G3767 CONJ παρακλησις G3874 N-NSF εν G1722 PREP χριστω G5547 N-DSM ει G1487 COND τι G5100 X-NSN παραμυθιον G3890 N-NSN αγαπης G26 N-GSF ει G1487 COND τις G5100 X-NSF κοινωνια G2842 N-NSF πνευματος G4151 N-GSN ει G1487 COND τις G5100 X-NSM σπλαγχνα G4698 N-NPN και G2532 CONJ οικτιρμοι G3628 N-NPM [Efez 4:32];


1 If then [there be] any comfort in Christ, if any consolation of love, if any fellowship of [the] Spirit, if any bowels and compassions, [Efez 4:32];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:1


1 Paul exhorts them to unity, and to all humbleness of mind, by the example of Christ's humility and exaltation;

12 to a careful proceeding in the way of salvation, that they be as lights to the wicked world,

16 and comforts to him their apostle, who is now ready to be offered up to God.

19 He hopes to send Timothy to them, and Epaphroditus also.



any consolation.

Filipp 3:3; Luk 2:10; Luk 2:11; Luk 2:25; Joh 14:18; Joh 14:27; Joh 15:11; Joh 16:22-24; Joh 17:13; Rom 5:1; Rom 5:2

Rom 15:12; Rom 15:13; 1Kor 15:31; 2Kor 1:5; 2Kor 1:6; 2Kor 2:14; 2Thess 2:16; 2Thess 2:17; Hebr 6:18

1Pe 1:6-8

if any comfort.

Ps 133:1; Joh 15:10-12; Hand 2:46; Hand 4:32; Gal 5:22; Efez 4:30-32; Kol 2:2

1Joh 4:7; 1Joh 4:8; 1Joh 4:12; 1Joh 4:16

if any fellowship.

Rom 5:5; Rom 8:9-16; Rom 8:26; 1Kor 3:16; 1Kor 6:19; 1Kor 6:20; 1Kor 12:13; 2Kor 13:14; Gal 4:6

Efez 1:13; Efez 1:14; Efez 2:18-22; Efez 4:4; 1Petr 1:2; 1Petr 1:22; 1Petr 1:23; 1Joh 3:24

if any bowels.

Filipp 1:8; Kol 3:12




2 Zo vervult mijn blijdschap, dat gij moogt eensgezind1 2 3 4 5  zijn, dezelfde liefde hebbende, van één gemoed [en] van één gevoelen zijnde.      1Rom 12:16;  2Rom 15:5;  31Kor 1:10;  4Filipp 3:16;  51Petr 3:8;  [2Kor 13:11];


2 Fulfil ye G4137 my G3450 joy G5479, that G2443 ye be likeminded G846 G5426, having G2192 the same G846 love G26, [being] of one accord G4861, of one G1520 mind G5426. Rom 12:16; Rom 15:5; 1Kor 1:10; Filipp 3:16; 1Petr 3:8; [2Kor 13:11];


2 fulfil ye my joy, that ye may mind the same thing--having the same love--of one soul--minding the one thing, Rom 12:16; Rom 15:5; 1Kor 1:10; Filipp 3:16; 1Petr 3:8; [2Kor 13:11];


2 πληρωσατε G4137 V-AAM-2P μου G3450 P-1GS την G3588 T-ASF χαραν G5479 N-ASF ινα G2443 CONJ το G3588 T-ASN αυτο G846 P-ASN φρονητε G5426 V-PAS-2P την G3588 T-ASF αυτην G846 P-ASF αγαπην G26 N-ASF εχοντες G2192 V-PAP-NPM συμψυχοι G4861 A-NPM το G3588 T-ASN εν G1520 A-ASN φρονουντες G5426 V-PAP-NPM Rom 12:16; Rom 15:5; 1Kor 1:10; Filipp 3:16; 1Petr 3:8; [2Kor 13:11];


2 fulfil my joy, that ye may think the same thing, having the same love, joined in soul, thinking one thing; Rom 12:16; Rom 15:5; 1Kor 1:10; Filipp 3:16; 1Petr 3:8; [2Kor 13:11];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:2



Filipp 2:16; Filipp 1:4; Filipp 1:26; Filipp 1:27; Joh 3:29; 2Kor 2:3; 2Kor 7:7; Kol 2:5; 1Thess 2:19; 1Thess 2:20; 1Thess 3:6-10

2Thess 2:13; 2Tim 1:4; Filem 1:20; 1Joh 1:3; 1Joh 1:4; 2Joh 1:4; 3Joh 1:4



like minded.

Filipp 2:20; Filipp 3:15; Filipp 3:16; Filipp 4:2; Rom 12:16; Rom 15:5; Rom 15:6; 1Kor 1:10; 2Kor 13:11; 1Petr 3:8; 1Petr 3:9

one accord.

Hand 1:14; Hand 2:1; Hand 2:46; Hand 5:12




3 [Doet] geen ding door twisting of ijdele eer, maar6 7  door ootmoedigheid achte de een den ander uitnemender dan zichzelven.   6Rom 12:10;  71Petr 5:5;


3 [Let] nothing G3367 [be done] through G2596 strife G2052 or G2228 vainglory G2754; but G235 in lowliness of mind G5012 let G2233 each G240 esteem G2233 other G240 better than G5242 themselves G1438. Rom 12:10; 1Petr 5:5;


3 nothing in rivalry or vain-glory, but in humility of mind one another counting more excellent than yourselves-- Rom 12:10; 1Petr 5:5;


3 μηδεν G3367 A-ASN κατ G2596 PREP εριθειαν G2052 N-ASF μηδε G3366 CONJ κατα G2596 PREP κενοδοξιαν G2754 N-ASF αλλα G235 CONJ τη G3588 T-DSF ταπεινοφροσυνη G5012 N-DSF αλληλους G240 C-APM ηγουμενοι G2233 V-PNP-NPM υπερεχοντας G5242 V-PAP-APM εαυτων G1438 F-3GPM Rom 12:10; 1Petr 5:5;


3 [ let] nothing [be] in the spirit of strife or vain glory, but, in lowliness of mind, each esteeming the other as more excellent than themselves; Rom 12:10; 1Petr 5:5;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:3



Filipp 2:14; Filipp 1:15; Filipp 1:16; Spr 13:10; Rom 13:13; 1Kor 3:3; 2Kor 12:20

Gal 5:15; Gal 5:20; Gal 5:21; Gal 5:26; Kol 3:8; 1Tim 6:4; Jak 3:14-16; Jak 4:5; Jak 4:6; 1Petr 2:1; 1Petr 2:2


Luk 14:7-11; Luk 18:14; Rom 12:10; 1Kor 15:9; Efez 4:2; Efez 5:21; 1Petr 5:5




4 Een8 9  iegelijk zie niet op het zijne, maar een iegelijk [zie] ook op hetgeen der anderen is.   81Kor 10:24;  91Kor 13:5;  [Ex 23:4];


4 Look G4648 not G3361 every man G1538 on his own things G1438, but G235 every man G1538 also G2532 on the things G3588 of others G2087. 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 13:5; [Ex 23:4];


4 each not to your own look ye, but each also to the things of others. 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 13:5; [Ex 23:4];


4 μη G3361 PRT-N τα G3588 T-APN εαυτων G1438 F-3GPM  εκαστοι G1538 A-NPM εκαστος G1538 A-NSM σκοπουντες G4648 V-PAP-NPM αλλα G235 CONJ  και G2532 CONJ [και] G2532 CONJ τα G3588 T-APN ετερων G2087 A-GPM εκαστοι G1538 A-NPM 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 13:5; [Ex 23:4];


4 regarding not each his own [qualities] , but each those of others also. 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 13:5; [Ex 23:4];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:4


Matt 18:6; Rom 12:15; Rom 14:19-22; Rom 15:1; 1Kor 8:9-13; 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 10:32; 1Kor 10:33; 1Kor 12:22-26

1Kor 13:4; 1Kor 13:5; 2Kor 6:3; 2Kor 11:29; Jak 2:8




5 Want10 11 12 13  dat gevoelen zij in u, hetwelk ook in Christus Jezus was;     10Matt 11:29;  11Joh 13:15;  121Petr 2:21;  131Joh 2:6;


5 G1063 Let G5426 this G5124 mind be G5426 in G1722 you G5213, which G3739 was also G2532 in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus G2424: Matt 11:29; Joh 13:15; 1Petr 2:21; 1Joh 2:6;


5 For, let this mind be in you that [is] also in Christ Jesus, Matt 11:29; Joh 13:15; 1Petr 2:21; 1Joh 2:6;


5 τουτο G5124 D-ASN φρονειτε G5426 V-PAM-2P εν G1722 PREP υμιν G5213 P-2DP ο G3739 R-NSN και G2532 CONJ εν G1722 PREP χριστω G5547 N-DSM ιησου G2424 N-DSM Matt 11:29; Joh 13:15; 1Petr 2:21; 1Joh 2:6;


5 For let this mind be in you which [was] also in Christ Jesus; Matt 11:29; Joh 13:15; 1Petr 2:21; 1Joh 2:6;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:5


Matt 11:29; Matt 20:26-28; Luk 22:27; Joh 13:14; Joh 13:15; Hand 10:38; Hand 20:35

Rom 14:15; Rom 15:3; Rom 15:5; 1Kor 10:33; 1Kor 11:1; Efez 5:2; 1Petr 2:21; 1Petr 4:1; 1Joh 2:6




6 Die14 15 16  in de gestaltenis Gods zijnde, geen roof geacht heeft Gode even gelijk te zijn;    142Kor 4:4;  15Kol 1:15;  16Hebr 1:3;  [Hebr 5:8];


6 Who G3739, being G5225 in G1722 the form G3444 of God G2316, thought it G2233 not G3756 robbery G725 to be G1511 equal G2470 with God G2316: 2Kor 4:4; Kol 1:15; Hebr 1:3; [Hebr 5:8];


6 who, being in the form of God, thought [it] not robbery to be equal to God, 2Kor 4:4; Kol 1:15; Hebr 1:3; [Hebr 5:8];


6 ος G3739 R-NSM εν G1722 PREP μορφη G3444 N-DSF θεου G2316 N-GSM υπαρχων G5225 V-PAP-NSM ουχ G3756 PRT-N αρπαγμον G725 N-ASM ηγησατο G2233 V-ADI-3S το G3588 T-ASN ειναι G1511 V-PXN ισα G2470 A-NPN θεω G2316 N-DSM 2Kor 4:4; Kol 1:15; Hebr 1:3; [Hebr 5:8];


6 who, subsisting in the form of God, did not esteem it an object of rapine to be on an equality with God; 2Kor 4:4; Kol 1:15; Hebr 1:3; [Hebr 5:8];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:6



Jes 7:14; Jes 8:8; Jes 9:6; Jer 23:6; Micha 5:2; Matt 1:23; Joh 1:1; Joh 1:2; Joh 1:18; Joh 17:5

Rom 9:5; 2Kor 4:4; Kol 1:15; Kol 1:16; 1Tim 1:17; 1Tim 3:16; Tit 2:13; Hebr 1:3; Hebr 1:6; Hebr 1:8

Heb 13:8


Gen 32:24-30; Gen 48:15; Gen 48:16; Ezech 8:2-6; Joz 5:13-15; Hos 12:3-5; Zach 13:7

Joh 5:18; Joh 5:23; Joh 8:58; Joh 8:59; Joh 10:30; Joh 10:33; Joh 10:38; Joh 14:9; Joh 20:28; Openb 1:17; Openb 1:18; Openb 21:6




7 Maar17  heeft Zichzelven vernietigd, de18 19  gestaltenis eens dienstknechts aangenomen hebbende, en is den mensen gelijk geworden;    17Ps 8:5;  18Matt 20:28;  19Joh 13:14;  [Mark 10:45]; [Luk 22:27]; [Luk 24:26]; [Hebr 2:9]; [Hebr 2:14]; [Hebr 2:17]; [Hebr 4:15];


7 But G235 made G2758 himself G1438 of no reputation G2758, and took upon him G2983 the form G3444 of a servant G1401, and was made G1096 in G1722 the likeness G3667 of men G444: Ps 8:5; Matt 20:28; Joh 13:14; [Mark 10:45]; [Luk 22:27]; [Luk 24:26]; [Hebr 2:9]; [Hebr 2:14]; [Hebr 2:17]; [Hebr 4:15];


7 but did empty himself, the form of a servant having taken, in the likeness of men having been made, Ps 8:5; Matt 20:28; Joh 13:14; [Mark 10:45]; [Luk 22:27]; [Luk 24:26]; [Hebr 2:9]; [Hebr 2:14]; [Hebr 2:17]; [Hebr 4:15];


7 αλλα G235 CONJ εαυτον G1438 F-3ASM εκενωσεν G2758 V-AAI-3S μορφην G3444 N-ASF δουλου G1401 N-GSM λαβων G2983 V-2AAP-NSM εν G1722 PREP ομοιωματι G3667 N-DSN ανθρωπων G444 N-GPM γενομενος G1096 V-2ADP-NSM και G2532 CONJ σχηματι G4976 N-DSN ευρεθεις G2147 V-APP-NSM ως G5613 ADV ανθρωπος G444 N-NSM Ps 8:5; Matt 20:28; Joh 13:14; [Mark 10:45]; [Luk 22:27]; [Luk 24:26]; [Hebr 2:9]; [Hebr 2:14]; [Hebr 2:17]; [Hebr 4:15];


7 but emptied himself, taking a bondman's form, taking his place in [the] likeness of men; Ps 8:5; Matt 20:28; Joh 13:14; [Mark 10:45]; [Luk 22:27]; [Luk 24:26]; [Hebr 2:9]; [Hebr 2:14]; [Hebr 2:17]; [Hebr 4:15];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:7



Ps 22:6; Jes 49:7; Jes 50:5; Jes 50:6; Jes 52:14; Jes 53:2; Jes 53:3; Dan 9:26; Zach 9:9; Mark 9:12

Rom 15:3; 2Kor 8:9; Hebr 2:9-18; Hebr 12:2; Hebr 13:3

the form.

Jes 42:1; Jes 49:3; Jes 49:6; Jes 52:13; Jes 53:11; Ezech 34:23; Ezech 34:24; Zach 3:8; Matt 12:18

Matt 20:28; Mark 10:44; Mark 10:45; Luk 22:27; Joh 13:3-14; Rom 15:8

in the.

Filipp 2:6; Joh 1:14; Rom 1:3; Rom 8:3; Gal 4:4; Hebr 2:14-17; Hebr 4:15

likeness.  or, habit.




8 En20 21 22  in gedaante gevonden als een mens, heeft Hij Zichzelven vernederd,23 24  gehoorzaam geworden zijnde tot den dood, ja, den dood des kruises.      20Hebr 2:14;  21Hebr 2:17;  22Hebr 4:15;  23Hebr 2:9;  24Hebr 12:2;  [Jes 50:5];


8 And G2532 being found G2147 in fashion G4976 as G5613 a man G444, he humbled G5013 himself G1438, and became G1096 obedient G5255 unto G3360 death G2288, even G1161 the death G2288 of the cross G4716.1

  1fashion: or habit  Hebr 2:14; Hebr 2:17; Hebr 4:15; Hebr 2:9; Hebr 12:2; [Jes 50:5];


8 and in fashion having been found as a man, he humbled himself, having become obedient unto death--death even of a cross, Hebr 2:14; Hebr 2:17; Hebr 4:15; Hebr 2:9; Hebr 12:2; [Jes 50:5];


8 εταπεινωσεν G5013 V-AAI-3S εαυτον G1438 F-3ASM γενομενος G1096 V-2ADP-NSM υπηκοος G5255 A-NSM μεχρι G3360 ADV θανατου G2288 N-GSM θανατου G2288 N-GSM δε G1161 CONJ σταυρου G4716 N-GSM Hebr 2:14; Hebr 2:17; Hebr 4:15; Hebr 2:9; Hebr 12:2; [Jes 50:5];


8 and having been found in figure as a man, humbled himself, becoming obedient even unto death, and [that the] death of [the] cross. Hebr 2:14; Hebr 2:17; Hebr 4:15; Hebr 2:9; Hebr 12:2; [Jes 50:5];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:8



Matt 17:2; Mark 9:2; Mark 9:3; Luk 9:29


Spr 15:33; Hand 8:33; Hebr 5:5-7; Hebr 12:2

and became.

Ps 40:6-8; Jes 50:5; Jes 50:6; Matt 26:39; Matt 26:42; Joh 4:34; Joh 15:10; Hebr 5:8; Hebr 5:9

Heb 10:7-9

the death.

Deut 21:23; Ps 22:16; Joh 10:18; Joh 12:28-32; Joh 14:31; Gal 3:13; Tit 2:14

Hebr 12:2; 1Petr 2:24; 1Petr 3:18




9 Daarom25  heeft Hem ook God uitermate verhoogd, en heeft Hem een26  Naam gegeven, welke boven allen naam is;   25Hand 2:33;  26Hebr 1:4;  [Hand 5:31]; [1Petr 1:21];


9 Wherefore G1352 God G2316 also G2532 hath highly exalted G5251 him G846, and G2532 given G5483 him G846 a name G3686 which G3588 is above G5228 every G3956 name G3686: Hand 2:33; Hebr 1:4; [Hand 5:31]; [1Petr 1:21];


9 wherefore, also, God did highly exalt him, and gave to him a name that [is] above every name, Hand 2:33; Hebr 1:4; [Hand 5:31]; [1Petr 1:21];


9 διο G1352 CONJ και G2532 CONJ ο G3588 T-NSM θεος G2316 N-NSM αυτον G846 P-ASM υπερυψωσεν G5251 V-AAI-3S και G2532 CONJ εχαρισατο G5483 V-ADI-3S αυτω G846 P-DSM το G3588 T-ASN ονομα G3686 N-ASN το G3588 T-ASN υπερ G5228 PREP παν G3956 A-ASN ονομα G3686 N-ASN Hand 2:33; Hebr 1:4; [Hand 5:31]; [1Petr 1:21];


9 Wherefore also God highly exalted him, and granted him a name, that which is above every name, Hand 2:33; Hebr 1:4; [Hand 5:31]; [1Petr 1:21];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:9



Gen 3:15; Ps 2:6-12; Ps 8:5-8; Ps 45:6; Ps 45:7; Ps 69:29; Ps 69:30; Ps 72:17-19; Ps 91:14; Ps 110:1; Ps 110:5

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Rom 14:9-11; 1Kor 15:24-27; Hebr 2:9; Hebr 12:2; 2Petr 1:17; Openb 1:5; Openb 3:21; Openb 5:12

Openb 11:15; Openb 19:16


Ps 89:27; Efez 1:20-23; Kol 1:18; Hebr 1:4; 1Petr 3:22




10 Opdat27 28  in den Naam van Jezus zich zou buigen alle knie dergenen, die in den hemel, en die op de aarde, en die onder de aarde zijn.   27Jes 45:23;  28Rom 14:11;  [Luk 10:22]; [Joh 17:2]; [Openb 5:3];


10 That G2443 at G1722 the name G3686 of Jesus G2424 every G3956 knee G1119 should bow G2578, of [things] in heaven G2032, and G2532 [things] in earth G1919, and G2532 [things] under the earth G2709; Jes 45:23; Rom 14:11; [Luk 10:22]; [Joh 17:2]; [Openb 5:3];


10 that in the name of Jesus every knee may bow--of heavenlies, and earthlies, and what are under the earth-- Jes 45:23; Rom 14:11; [Luk 10:22]; [Joh 17:2]; [Openb 5:3];


10 ινα G2443 CONJ εν G1722 PREP τω G3588 T-DSN ονοματι G3686 N-DSN ιησου G2424 N-GSM παν G3956 A-NSN γονυ G1119 N-NSN καμψη G2578 V-AAS-3S επουρανιων G2032 A-GPM και G2532 CONJ επιγειων G1919 A-GPN και G2532 CONJ καταχθονιων G2709 A-GPM Jes 45:23; Rom 14:11; [Luk 10:22]; [Joh 17:2]; [Openb 5:3];


10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of heavenly and earthly and infernal [beings] , Jes 45:23; Rom 14:11; [Luk 10:22]; [Joh 17:2]; [Openb 5:3];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:10



Gen 41:43; Jes 45:23-25; Matt 27:29; Matt 28:18; Rom 11:4; Rom 14:10; Rom 14:11; Efez 3:14

Hebr 1:6; Openb 4:10; Openb 5:13; Openb 5:14


Matt 12:40; Joh 5:28; Joh 5:29; Efez 4:9; Openb 20:13




11 En29 30 31  alle tong zou belijden, dat Jezus Christus de Heere zij, tot heerlijkheid Gods des Vaders.    29Joh 13:13;  301Kor 8:6;  311Kor 12:3;


11 And G2532 [that] every G3956 tongue G1100 should confess G1843 that G3754 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 [is] Lord G2962, to G1519 the glory G1391 of God G2316 the Father G3962. Joh 13:13; 1Kor 8:6; 1Kor 12:3;


11 and every tongue may confess that Jesus Christ [is] Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Joh 13:13; 1Kor 8:6; 1Kor 12:3;


11 και G2532 CONJ πασα G3956 A-NSF γλωσσα G1100 N-NSF εξομολογησηται G1843 V-AMS-3S οτι G3754 CONJ κυριος G2962 N-NSM ιησους G2424 N-NSM χριστος G5547 N-NSM εις G1519 PREP δοξαν G1391 N-ASF θεου G2316 N-GSM πατρος G3962 N-GSM Joh 13:13; 1Kor 8:6; 1Kor 12:3;


11 and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ [is] Lord to God [the] Father's glory. Joh 13:13; 1Kor 8:6; 1Kor 12:3;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:11



Ps 18:49; *marg:

Matt 10:32; Joh 9:22; Joh 12:42; Rom 10:9; Rom 15:9; 1Joh 4:2; 1Joh 4:15; 2Joh 1:7; Openb 3:5

is Lord.

Ps 110:1; Jer 23:6; Luk 2:11; Joh 13:13; Joh 20:28; Hand 2:36; Hand 10:36

Rom 10:9-12; Rom 14:9; Rom 14:11; 1Kor 8:6; 1Kor 12:3; 1Kor 15:47

to the.

Joh 5:23; Joh 13:31; Joh 13:32; Joh 14:13; Joh 14:23; Joh 16:14; Joh 16:15; Joh 17:1; 1Petr 1:21




12 Alzo dan, mijn geliefden, gelijk gij te allen tijd gehoorzaam geweest zijt, niet als in mijn tegenwoordigheid alleen, maar veelmeer nu in mijn afwezen, werkt uws zelfs zaligheid met vreze en beven:


12 Wherefore G5620, my G3450 beloved G27, as G2531 ye have G5219 always G3842 obeyed G5219, not G3361 as G5613 in G1722 my G3450 presence G3952 only G3440, but G235 now G3568 much G4183 more G3123 in G1722 my G3450 absence G666, work out G2716 your own G1438 salvation G4991 with G3326 fear G5401 and G2532 trembling G5156.


12 So that, my beloved, as ye always obey, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, with fear and trembling your own salvation work out,


12 ωστε G5620 CONJ αγαπητοι G27 A-VPM μου G3450 P-1GS καθως G2531 ADV παντοτε G3842 ADV υπηκουσατε G5219 V-AAI-2P μη G3361 PRT-N  [ως] G5613 ADV ως G5613 ADV εν G1722 PREP τη G3588 T-DSF παρουσια G3952 N-DSF μου G3450 P-1GS μονον G3440 ADV αλλα G235 CONJ νυν G3568 ADV πολλω G4183 A-DSN μαλλον G3123 ADV εν G1722 PREP τη G3588 T-DSF απουσια G666 N-DSF μου G3450 P-1GS μετα G3326 PREP φοβου G5401 N-GSM και G2532 CONJ τρομου G5156 N-GSM την G3588 T-ASF εαυτων G1438 F-3GPM σωτηριαν G4991 N-ASF κατεργαζεσθε G2716 V-PNM-2P


12 So that, my beloved, even as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much rather in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,

TSK - Filippenzen 2:12


my beloved.

Filipp 4:1; 1Kor 4:14; 1Petr 2:11

as ye.

Filipp 1:5; Filipp 1:27; Filipp 1:29


Filipp 3:13; Filipp 3:14; Spr 10:16; Spr 13:4; Matt 11:12; Matt 11:29; Luk 13:23; Luk 13:24; Joh 6:27-29

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Filipp 2:19; Rom 13:11-14; 1Kor 9:20-23; 2Tim 2:10


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13 Want32  het is God, Die in u werkt beide het willen en het werken, naar [Zijn] welbehagen.  322Kor 3:5;  [Rom 5:6]; [Hebr 13:21];


13 For G1063 it is G2076 God G2316 which G3588 worketh G1754 in G1722 you G5213 both G2532 to will G2309 and G2532 to do G1754 of G5228 [his] good pleasure G2107. 2Kor 3:5; [Rom 5:6]; [Hebr 13:21];


13 for God it is who is working in you both to will and to work for His good pleasure. 2Kor 3:5; [Rom 5:6]; [Hebr 13:21];


13 θεος G2316 N-NSM γαρ G1063 CONJ εστιν G2076 V-PXI-3S ο G3588 T-NSM ενεργων G1754 V-PAP-NSM εν G1722 PREP υμιν G5213 P-2DP και G2532 CONJ το G3588 T-ASN θελειν G2309 V-PAN και G2532 CONJ το G3588 T-ASN ενεργειν G1754 V-PAN υπερ G5228 PREP της G3588 T-GSF ευδοκιας G2107 N-GSF 2Kor 3:5; [Rom 5:6]; [Hebr 13:21];


13 for it is God who works in you both the willing and the working according to [his] good pleasure. 2Kor 3:5; [Rom 5:6]; [Hebr 13:21];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:13



2Kron 30:12; Jes 26:12; Jer 31:33; Jer 32:38; Joh 3:27; Hand 11:21; 2Kor 3:5

Hebr 13:21; Jak 1:16-18

to will.

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14 Doet33 34  alle dingen zonder35  murmureren en tegenspreken;    33Rom 12:17;  341Petr 2:12;  351Petr 4:9;


14 Do G4160 all things G3956 without G5565 murmurings G1112 and G2532 disputings G1261: Rom 12:17; 1Petr 2:12; 1Petr 4:9;


14 All things do without murmurings and reasonings, Rom 12:17; 1Petr 2:12; 1Petr 4:9;


14 παντα G3956 A-APN ποιειτε G4160 V-PAM-2P χωρις G5565 ADV γογγυσμων G1112 N-GPM και G2532 CONJ διαλογισμων G1261 N-GPM Rom 12:17; 1Petr 2:12; 1Petr 4:9;


14 Do all things without murmurings and reasonings, Rom 12:17; 1Petr 2:12; 1Petr 4:9;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:14



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1Tim 6:3-5; Hebr 12:14; Jak 1:20; Jak 3:14-18; Jak 4:1; 1Petr 3:11




15 Opdat gij moogt onberispelijk en oprecht zijn, kinderen Gods zijnde, onstraffelijk in het midden van een krom en verdraaid geslacht, onder36 37  welke gij schijnt als lichten in de wereld;   36Spr 4:18;  37Matt 5:14;  [1Petr 2:12];


15 That G2443 ye may be G1096 blameless G273 and G2532 harmless G185, the sons G5043 of God G2316, without rebuke G298, in G1722 the midst G3319 of a crooked G4646 and G2532 perverse G1294 nation G1074, among G1722 whom G3739 ye shine G5316 as G5613 lights G5458 in G1722 the world G2889;2 3

   2harmless: or, sincere  3ye shine: or, shine ye  Spr 4:18; Matt 5:14; [1Petr 2:12];


15 that ye may become blameless and harmless, children of God, unblemished in the midst of a generation crooked and perverse, among whom ye do appear as luminaries in the world, Spr 4:18; Matt 5:14; [1Petr 2:12];


15 ινα G2443 CONJ γενησθε G1096 V-2ADS-2P αμεμπτοι G273 A-NPM και G2532 CONJ ακεραιοι G185 A-NPM τεκνα G5043 N-NPN θεου G2316 N-GSM αμωμα G299 A-NPN μεσον G3319 A-ASN γενεας G1074 N-GSF σκολιας G4646 A-GSF και G2532 CONJ διεστραμμενης G1294 V-RPP-GSF εν G1722 PREP οις G3739 R-DPM φαινεσθε G5316 V-PPI-2P ως G5613 ADV φωστηρες G5458 N-NPM εν G1722 PREP κοσμω G2889 N-DSM Spr 4:18; Matt 5:14; [1Petr 2:12];


15 that ye may be harmless and simple, irreproachable children of God in the midst of a crooked and perverted generation; among whom ye appear as lights in [the] world, Spr 4:18; Matt 5:14; [1Petr 2:12];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:15



Luk 1:6; 1Kor 1:8; Efez 5:27; 1Thess 5:23; 1Tim 3:2; 1Tim 3:10; 1Tim 5:7; Tit 1:6

2Pe 3:14


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harmless.  or, sincere.



Matt 5:45; Matt 5:48; Luk 6:35; 2Kor 6:17; Efez 5:1; Efez 5:2; Efez 5:7; 1Petr 1:14-17; 1Petr 2:9

1Jo 3:1-3


1Tim 5:14; 1Tim 5:20; Tit 2:10; Tit 2:15; Openb 3:9

a crooked.

Deut 32:5; Ps 122:5; Matt 17:17; Hand 20:30; 1Petr 2:12

ye shine.  or, shine ye.

Jes 60:1; Matt 5:14-16; Joh 5:35; Efez 5:8




16 Voorhoudende het woord des levens, mij38 39  tot een roem tegen den dag van Christus, dat ik niet tevergeefs heb gelopen, noch tevergeefs gearbeid.   382Kor 1:14;  391Thess 2:19;  [1Kor 9:24];


16 Holding forth G1907 the word G3056 of life G2222; that G1519 I G1698 may rejoice G2745 in G1519 the day G2250 of Christ G5547, that G3754 I have G5143 not G3756 run G5143 in G1519 vain G2756, neither G3761 laboured G2872 in G1519 vain G2756. 2Kor 1:14; 1Thess 2:19; [1Kor 9:24];


16 the word of life holding forth, for rejoicing to me in regard to a day of Christ, that not in vain did I run, nor in vain did I labour; 2Kor 1:14; 1Thess 2:19; [1Kor 9:24];


16 λογον G3056 N-ASM ζωης G2222 N-GSF επεχοντες G1907 V-PAP-NPM εις G1519 PREP καυχημα G2745 N-ASN εμοι G1698 P-1DS εις G1519 PREP ημεραν G2250 N-ASF χριστου G5547 N-GSM οτι G3754 CONJ ουκ G3756 PRT-N εις G1519 PREP κενον G2756 A-ASN εδραμον G5143 V-2AAI-1S ουδε G3761 ADV εις G1519 PREP κενον G2756 A-ASN εκοπιασα G2872 V-AAI-1S 2Kor 1:14; 1Thess 2:19; [1Kor 9:24];


16 holding forth [the] word of life, so as to be a boast for me in Christ's day, that I have not run in vain nor laboured in vain. 2Kor 1:14; 1Thess 2:19; [1Kor 9:24];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:16



Filipp 1:27; Ps 40:9; Ps 71:17; Matt 10:27; Luk 12:8; Rom 10:8-16; Openb 22:17

the word.

Joh 6:63; Joh 6:68; Hand 13:26; 2Tim 2:15-17; Hebr 4:12; 1Petr 1:23; 1Joh 1:1

that I may.

Filipp 1:26; 2Kor 1:14; 1Thess 2:19

that I have.

Jes 49:4; 1Kor 9:26; Gal 2:2; Gal 4:11; 1Thess 3:5




17 Ja, indien ik ook tot een drankoffer geofferd worde over de offerande en bediening uws geloofs, zo40  verblijde ik mij, en verblijde mij met u allen.  402Kor 7:4;  [Kol 1:24];


17 Yea G235, and if G1499 I be offered G4689 upon G1909 the sacrifice G2378 and G2532 service G3009 of your G5216 faith G4102, I joy G5463, and G2532 rejoice with G4796 you G5213 all G3956.4

  4offered: Gr. poured forth  2Kor 7:4; [Kol 1:24];


17 but if also I am poured forth upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I rejoice and joy with you all, 2Kor 7:4; [Kol 1:24];


17 αλλα G235 CONJ ει G1487 COND και G2532 CONJ σπενδομαι G4689 V-PPI-1S επι G1909 PREP τη G3588 T-DSF θυσια G2378 N-DSF και G2532 CONJ λειτουργια G3009 N-DSF της G3588 T-GSF πιστεως G4102 N-GSF υμων G5216 P-2GP χαιρω G5463 V-PAI-1S και G2532 CONJ συγχαιρω G4796 V-PAI-1S πασιν G3956 A-DPM υμιν G5213 P-2DP 2Kor 7:4; [Kol 1:24];


17 But if also I am poured out as a libation on the sacrifice and ministration of your faith, I rejoice, and rejoice in common with you all. 2Kor 7:4; [Kol 1:24];

TSK - Filippenzen 2:17


and if.

Filipp 2:30; Filipp 1:20; Hand 20:24; Hand 21:13; 2Kor 12:15; 1Thess 2:8; 2Tim 4:6; 1Joh 3:16

offered.  Gr. poured forth.  the sacrifice.

Filipp 4:18; Rom 12:1; Rom 15:16; Hebr 13:15; Hebr 13:16; 1Petr 2:5

I joy.

2Kor 7:4; Kol 1:24; 1Thess 3:7-9




18 En om datzelfde verblijdt gij u ook, en verblijdt ook ulieden met mij.


18 For G1161 the same cause G846 also G2532 do G5463 ye G5210 joy G5463, and G2532 rejoice with G4796 me G3427.


18 because of this do ye also rejoice and joy with me.


18 το G3588 T-ASN δε G1161 CONJ αυτο G846 P-ASN και G2532 CONJ υμεις G5210 P-2NP χαιρετε G5463 V-PAM-2P και G2532 CONJ συγχαιρετε G4796 V-PAM-2P μοι G3427 P-1DS


18 In like manner do *ye* also rejoice, and rejoice with me.

TSK - Filippenzen 2:18



Filipp 3:1; Filipp 4:4; Efez 3:13; Jak 1:2-4




19 En41 42 43  ik hoop in den Heere Jezus Timotheus haast tot u te zenden, opdat ik ook welgemoed moge zijn, als ik uw zaken zal verstaan hebben.    41Hand 16:1;  42Rom 16:21;  431Thess 3:2;


19 But G1161 I trust G1679 in G1722 the Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 to send G3992 Timotheus G5095 shortly G5030 unto you G5213, that G2443 I also G2504 may be of good comfort G2174, when I know G1097 your G5216 state G4012.5

  5But: or, Moreover  Hand 16:1; Rom 16:21; 1Thess 3:2;


19 And I hope, in the Lord Jesus, Timotheus to send quickly to you, that I also may be of good spirit, having known the things concerning you, Hand 16:1; Rom 16:21; 1Thess 3:2;


19 ελπιζω G1679 V-PAI-1S δε G1161 CONJ εν G1722 PREP κυριω G2962 N-DSM ιησου G2424 N-DSM τιμοθεον G5095 N-ASM ταχεως G5030 ADV πεμψαι G3992 V-AAN υμιν G5213 P-2DP ινα G2443 CONJ καγω G2504 P-1NS-C ευψυχω G2174 V-PAS-1S γνους G1097 V-2AAP-NSM τα G3588 T-APN περι G4012 PREP υμων G5216 P-2GP Hand 16:1; Rom 16:21; 1Thess 3:2;


19 But I hope in [the] Lord Jesus to send Timotheus to you shortly, that *I* also may be refreshed, knowing how ye get on. Hand 16:1; Rom 16:21; 1Thess 3:2;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:19


But.  or, Moreover.

Filipp 2:24; Jer 17:5; Matt 12:21; Rom 15:12; Efez 1:13; 2Tim 1:12

Jak 4:15; 1Petr 1:21

to send.

Filipp 2:23; Filipp 2:25; Filipp 1:1; Rom 16:21; 1Kor 4:17; Efez 6:21; Efez 6:22; Kol 4:8; Kol 4:9; 1Thess 3:2; 1Thess 3:6

that I.

Filipp 2:28; 1Thess 3:6-8; 2Thess 1:3; Filem 1:5-7; 3Joh 1:3; 3Joh 1:4




20 Want ik heb niemand, die even alzo gemoed is, dewelke oprechtelijk uw zaken zal bezorgen.


20 For G1063 I have G2192 no man G3762 likeminded G2473, who G3748 will naturally G1104 care G3309 for your G5216 state G4012.6

  6likeminded: or, so dear unto me


20 for I have no one like-minded, who sincerely for the things concerning you will care,


20 ουδενα G3762 A-ASM γαρ G1063 CONJ εχω G2192 V-PAI-1S ισοψυχον G2473 A-ASM οστις G3748 R-NSM γνησιως G1104 ADV τα G3588 T-APN περι G4012 PREP υμων G5216 P-2GP μεριμνησει G3309 V-FAI-3S


20 For I have no one like-minded who will care with genuine feeling how ye get on.

TSK - Filippenzen 2:20


I have.

Filipp 2:2; Filipp 2:22; Ps 55:13; Spr 31:29; Joh 10:13; Joh 12:6; 1Kor 1:10; 1Kor 1:11; Kol 4:11

1Tim 1:2; 2Tim 1:5

like-minded.  or, so dear unto me.

1Sam 18:1; 1Sam 18:3




21 Want44 45  zij zoeken allen het hunne, niet hetgeen van Christus Jezus is.   441Kor 10:24;  451Kor 13:5;


21 For G1063 all G3956 seek G2212 their own G1438, not G3756 the things which are G3588 Jesus G2424 Christ's G5547. 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 13:5;


21 for the whole seek their own things, not the things of the Christ Jesus, 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 13:5;


21 οι G3588 T-NPM παντες G3956 A-NPM γαρ G1063 CONJ τα G3588 T-APN εαυτων G1438 F-3GPM ζητουσιν G2212 V-PAI-3P ου G3756 PRT-N τα G3588 T-APN  χριστου G5547 N-GSM ιησου G2424 N-GSM ιησου G2424 N-GSM χριστου G5547 N-GSM 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 13:5;


21 For all seek their own things, not the things of Jesus Christ. 1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 13:5;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:21



Filipp 2:4; Jes 56:11; Mal 1:10; Matt 16:24; Luk 9:57-62; Luk 14:26; Hand 13:13; Hand 15:38

1Kor 10:24; 1Kor 10:33; 1Kor 13:5; 2Tim 1:15; 2Tim 3:2; 2Tim 4:10; 2Tim 4:16


Filipp 1:20; Filipp 1:21; 2Kor 1:5; 2Kor 5:14; 2Kor 5:15




22 En gij weet zijn beproeving, dat hij, als een kind [zijn] vader, met mij gediend heeft in het Evangelie.


22 But G1161 ye know G1097 the proof G1382 of him G846, that G3754, as G5613 a son G5043 with the father G3962, he hath served G1398 with G4862 me G1698 in G1519 the gospel G2098.


22 and the proof of him ye know, that as a child [serveth] a father, with me he did serve in regard to the good news;


22 την G3588 T-ASF δε G1161 CONJ δοκιμην G1382 N-ASF αυτου G846 P-GSM γινωσκετε G1097 V-PAI-2P οτι G3754 CONJ ως G5613 ADV πατρι G3962 N-DSM τεκνον G5043 N-NSN συν G4862 PREP εμοι G1698 P-1DS εδουλευσεν G1398 V-AAI-3S εις G1519 PREP το G3588 T-ASN ευαγγελιον G2098 N-ASN


22 But ye know the proof of him, that, as a child a father, he has served with me in the work of the glad tidings.

TSK - Filippenzen 2:22



Hand 16:3-12; 2Kor 2:9; 2Kor 8:8; 2Kor 8:22; 2Kor 8:24


Filipp 2:20; 1Kor 4:17; 1Tim 1:2; 1Tim 1:18; 2Tim 1:2; Tit 1:4




23 Ik hoop dan wel dezen van stonde aan te zenden, zo [haast] als ik in mijn zaken zal voorzien hebben;


23 Him G3303 G5126 therefore G3767 I hope G1679 to send G3992 presently G1824, so soon as G5613 I G302 shall see G542 how G4012 it will go with me G1691.


23 him, indeed, therefore, I hope to send, when I may see through the things concerning me--immediately;


23 τουτον G5126 D-ASM μεν G3303 PRT ουν G3767 CONJ ελπιζω G1679 V-PAI-1S πεμψαι G3992 V-AAN ως G5613 ADV αν G302 PRT αφιδω G872 V-2AAS-1S τα G3588 T-APN περι G4012 PREP εμε G1691 P-1AS εξαυτης G1824 ADV


23 Him therefore I hope to send immediately, as soon as I shall see how it goes with me:

TSK - Filippenzen 2:23



1Sa 22:3




24 Doch ik vertrouw in den Heere, dat ik ook zelf haast [tot u] komen zal.


24 But G1161 I trust G3982 in G1722 the Lord G2962 that G3754 I G2064 also G2532 myself G846 shall come G2064 shortly G5030.


24 and I trust in the Lord that I myself also shall quickly come.


24 πεποιθα G3982 V-2RAI-1S δε G1161 CONJ εν G1722 PREP κυριω G2962 N-DSM οτι G3754 CONJ και G2532 CONJ αυτος G846 P-NSM ταχεως G5030 ADV ελευσομαι G2064 V-FDI-1S


24 but I trust in [the] Lord that I myself also shall soon come;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:24


Filipp 2:19; Filipp 1:25; Filipp 1:26; Rom 15:28; Rom 15:29; Filem 1:22; 2Joh 1:12; 3Joh 1:14




25 Maar ik heb nodig geacht tot u te zenden Epafrodítus, mijn broeder, en medearbeider en medestrijder, en uw afgezondene, en bedienaar mijner nooddruft;


25 Yet G1161 I supposed G2233 it necessary G316 to send G3992 to G4314 you G5209 Epaphroditus G1891, my G3450 brother G80, and G2532 companion in labour G4904, and G2532 fellowsoldier G4961, but G1161 your G5216 messenger G652, and G2532 he that ministered G3011 to my G3450 wants G5532.


25 And I thought [it] necessary Epaphroditus--my brother, and fellow-workman, and fellow-soldier, and your apostle and servant to my need--to send unto you,


25 αναγκαιον G316 A-ASN δε G1161 CONJ ηγησαμην G2233 V-ADI-1S επαφροδιτον G1891 N-ASM τον G3588 T-ASM αδελφον G80 N-ASM και G2532 CONJ συνεργον G4904 A-ASM και G2532 CONJ συστρατιωτην G4961 N-ASM μου G3450 P-1GS υμων G5216 P-2GP δε G1161 CONJ αποστολον G652 N-ASM και G2532 CONJ λειτουργον G3011 N-ASM της G3588 T-GSF χρειας G5532 N-GSF μου G3450 P-1GS πεμψαι G3992 V-AAN προς G4314 PREP υμας G5209 P-2AP


25 but I have thought it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother and fellow-workman and fellow-soldier, but your messenger and minister to my need,

TSK - Filippenzen 2:25




my brother.

2Kor 2:13; 2Kor 8:22; Filem 1:1


Filipp 4:3; 1Kor 3:9; 2Kor 8:23; Kol 1:7; Kol 4:11; 1Thess 3:2; Filem 1:1; Filem 1:24


2Tim 2:3; 2Tim 2:4; Filem 1:2


Spr 25:13; Joh 17:18; 2Kor 8:23; Hebr 3:1

and he.

Filipp 4:18; 2Kor 11:7-9




26 Dewijl hij zeer begerig was naar u allen, en zeer beangst was, omdat gij gehoord hadt, dat hij krank was.


26 For G1894 he G2258 longed after G1971 you G5209 all G3956, and G2532 was full of heaviness G85, because G1360 that ye had heard G191 that G3754 he had been sick G770.


26 seeing he was longing after you all, and in heaviness, because ye heard that he ailed,


26 επειδη G1894 CONJ επιποθων G1971 V-PAP-NSM ην G2258 V-IXI-3S παντας G3956 A-APM υμας G5209 P-2AP  [ιδειν] G3708 V-2AAN και G2532 CONJ αδημονων G85 V-PAP-NSM διοτι G1360 CONJ ηκουσατε G191 V-AAI-2P οτι G3754 CONJ ησθενησεν G770 V-AAI-3S


26 since he had a longing desire after you all, and was distressed because ye had heard that he was sick;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:26


he longed.

Filipp 1:3; Filipp 1:8; Filipp 4:1; 2Sam 13:39; Rom 1:11; 2Kor 9:14


Job 9:27; Ps 69:20; Spr 12:25; Jes 61:3; Matt 11:28; Matt 26:37; Rom 9:2

1Pe 1:6

ye had.

2Sam 24:17; Joh 11:35; Joh 11:36; Hand 21:13; Rom 12:15; 1Kor 12:26; Gal 6:2

Eph 3:13




27 En hij is ook krank geweest tot nabij den dood; maar God heeft Zich zijner ontfermd; en niet alleen zijner, maar ook mijner, opdat ik niet droefheid op droefheid zou hebben.


27 For G1063 indeed G2532 he was sick G770 nigh G3897 unto death G2288: but G235 God G2316 had mercy G1653 on him G846; and G1161 not G3756 on him G846 only G3440, but G235 on me G1691 also G2532, lest G3363 I should have G2192 sorrow G3077 upon G1909 sorrow G3077.


27 for he also ailed nigh to death, but God did deal kindly with him, and not with him only, but also with me, that sorrow upon sorrow I might not have.


27 και G2532 CONJ γαρ G1063 CONJ ησθενησεν G770 V-AAI-3S παραπλησιον G3897 ADV  θανατου G2288 N-GSM θανατω G2288 N-DSM αλλα G235 CONJ ο G3588 T-NSM θεος G2316 N-NSM ηλεησεν G1653 V-AAI-3S αυτον G846 P-ASM ουκ G3756 PRT-N αυτον G846 P-ASM δε G1161 CONJ μονον G3441 A-ASM αλλα G235 CONJ και G2532 CONJ εμε G1691 P-1AS ινα G2443 CONJ μη G3361 PRT-N λυπην G3077 N-ASF επι G1909 PREP λυπην G3077 N-ASF σχω G2192 V-2AAS-1S


27 for he was also sick close to death, but God had mercy on him, and not indeed on him alone, but also on me, that I might not have sorrow upon sorrow.

TSK - Filippenzen 2:27



Filipp 2:30; 2Kon 20:1; Ps 107:18; Pred 9:1; Pred 9:2; Joh 11:3; Joh 11:4; Hand 9:37

but God.

Job 5:19; Ps 30:1-3; Ps 30:10; Ps 30:11; Ps 34:19; Ps 103:3; Ps 103:4; Ps 107:19-22; Jes 38:17

Jes 43:2; Hand 9:39-41

but on.

Jes 27:8; Jer 8:18; Jer 10:24; Jer 45:3; Hab 3:2; 1Kor 10:13; 2Kor 2:7




28 Zo heb ik dan hem te spoediger gezonden, opdat gij, hem ziende, wederom u zoudt verblijden, en ik te min zou droevig zijn.


28 I sent G3992 him G846 therefore G3767 the more carefully G4708, that G2443, when ye see G1492 him G846 again G3825, ye may rejoice G5463, and that I G2504 may be G5600 the less sorrowful G253.


28 The more eagerly, therefore, I did send him, that having seen him again ye may rejoice, and I may be the less sorrowful;


28 σπουδαιοτερως G4708 ADV-C ουν G3767 CONJ επεμψα G3992 V-AAI-1S αυτον G846 P-ASM ινα G2443 CONJ ιδοντες G1492 V-2AAP-NPM αυτον G846 P-ASM παλιν G3825 ADV χαρητε G5463 V-2AOS-2P καγω G2504 P-1NS-C αλυποτερος G253 A-NSM-C ω G5600 V-PXS-1S


28 I have sent him therefore the more diligently, that seeing him ye might again rejoice, and that *I* might be the less sorrowful.

TSK - Filippenzen 2:28


ye see.

Filipp 2:26; Gen 45:27; Gen 45:28; Gen 46:29; Gen 46:30; Gen 48:11; Joh 16:22; Hand 20:38; 2Tim 1:4

and that.

Filipp 2:27; 2Kor 2:3; 1Joh 1:3; 1Joh 1:4




29 Ontvangt hem dan in den Heere, met alle blijdschap, en46 47 48 49 50  houdt dezulken in waarde.      461Kor 9:14;  47Gal 6:6;  481Thess 5:12;  491Tim 5:17;  50Hebr 13:17;


29 Receive G4327 him G846 therefore G3767 in G1722 the Lord G2962 with G3326 all G3956 gladness G5479; and G2532 hold G2192 such G5108 in reputation G1784:7

  7hold…: or, honor such  1Kor 9:14; Gal 6:6; 1Thess 5:12; 1Tim 5:17; Hebr 13:17;


29 receive him, therefore, in the Lord, with all joy, and hold such in honour, 1Kor 9:14; Gal 6:6; 1Thess 5:12; 1Tim 5:17; Hebr 13:17;


29 προσδεχεσθε G4327 V-PNM-2P ουν G3767 CONJ αυτον G846 P-ASM εν G1722 PREP κυριω G2962 N-DSM μετα G3326 PREP πασης G3956 A-GSF χαρας G5479 N-GSF και G2532 CONJ τους G3588 T-APM τοιουτους G5108 D-APM εντιμους G1784 A-APM εχετε G2192 V-PAM-2P 1Kor 9:14; Gal 6:6; 1Thess 5:12; 1Tim 5:17; Hebr 13:17;


29 Receive him therefore in [the] Lord with all joy, and hold such in honour; 1Kor 9:14; Gal 6:6; 1Thess 5:12; 1Tim 5:17; Hebr 13:17;

TSK - Filippenzen 2:29



Matt 10:40; Matt 10:41; Luk 9:5; Joh 13:20; Rom 16:2; 1Kor 16:10; 2Kor 7:2

Kol 4:10; 3Joh 1:10


Jes 52:7; Luk 2:10; Luk 2:11; Hand 2:46; Hand 8:8; Rom 10:15; Efez 4:9-12


2Kor 10:18; 1Thess 5:12; Hebr 13:17

hold such in reputation.  or, honour such.

Hand 28:10; 1Kor 16:18; 1Tim 5:17




30 Want om het werk van Christus was hij tot nabij den dood gekomen, [zijn] leven niet achtende, opdat hij het gebrek uwer bediening aan mij vervullen zou.


30 Because G3754 for G1223 the work G2041 of Christ G5547 he was nigh G1448 unto G3360 death G2288, not regarding G3851 his life G5590, to G2443 supply G378 your G5216 lack G5303 of service G3009 toward G4314 me G3165.


30 because on account of the work of the Christ he drew near to death, having hazarded the life that he might fill up your deficiency of service unto me.


30 οτι G3754 CONJ δια G1223 PREP το G3588 T-ASN εργον G2041 N-ASN  κυριου G2962 N-GSM χριστου G5547 N-GSM μεχρι G3360 ADV θανατου G2288 N-GSM ηγγισεν G1448 V-AAI-3S παραβολευσαμενος G3851 V-ADP-NSM τη G3588 T-DSF ψυχη G5590 N-DSF ινα G2443 CONJ αναπληρωση G378 V-AAS-3S το G3588 T-ASN υμων G5216 P-2GP υστερημα G5303 N-ASN της G3588 T-GSF προς G4314 PREP με G3165 P-1AS λειτουργιας G3009 N-GSF


30 because for the sake of the work he drew near even to death, venturing his life that he might fill up what lacked in your ministration toward me.

TSK - Filippenzen 2:30


the work.

1Kor 15:53; 1Kor 16:10


Filipp 2:17; Filipp 2:27; Filipp 1:19; Filipp 1:20; Matt 25:36-40; Hand 20:24; Rom 16:4; 2Kor 12:15

Re 12:11


Filipp 4:10; Filipp 4:18; 1Kor 16:17; Filem 1:13





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