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2 Korinthe 5

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1 Want wij weten, dat, zo ons aardse1  huis dezes tabernakels gebroken wordt, wij een gebouw van God hebben, een huis niet met handen gemaakt, [maar] eeuwig in de hemelen.  12Kor 4:7;


1 For G1063 we know G1492 that G3754 if G1437 our G2257 earthly G1919 house G3614 of [this] tabernacle G4636 were dissolved G2647, we have G2192 a building G3619 of G1537 God G2316, an house G3614 not made with hands G886, eternal G166 in G1722 the heavens G3772. 2Kor 4:7;


1 For we have known that if our earthly house of the tabernacle may be thrown down, a building from God we have, an house not made with hands--age-during--in the heavens, 2Kor 4:7;


1 οιδαμεν G1492 V-RAI-1P γαρ G1063 CONJ οτι G3754 CONJ εαν G1437 COND η G3588 T-NSF επιγειος G1919 A-NSF ημων G2257 P-1GP οικια G3614 N-NSF του G3588 T-GSN σκηνους G4636 N-GSN καταλυθη G2647 V-APS-3S οικοδομην G3619 N-ASF εκ G1537 PREP θεου G2316 N-GSM εχομεν G2192 V-PAI-1P οικιαν G3614 N-ASF αχειροποιητον G886 A-ASF αιωνιον G166 A-ASF εν G1722 PREP τοις G3588 T-DPM ουρανοις G3772 N-DPM 2Kor 4:7;


1 For we know that if our earthly tabernacle house be destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2Kor 4:7;

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:1


1 That in his assured hope of immortal glory,

9 and in expectation of it, and of the general judgment, he labours to keep a good conscience;

12 not that he may herein boast of himself,

14 but as one that, having received life from Christ, endeavours to live as a new creature to Christ only,

18 and by his ministry of reconciliation, to reconcile others also in Christ to God.



we know.

Job 19:25; Job 19:26; Ps 56:9; 2Tim 1:12; 1Joh 3:2; 1Joh 3:14; 1Joh 3:19; 1Joh 5:19; 1Joh 5:20


2Kor 5:4; 2Kor 4:7; Gen 3:19; Job 4:19; 1Kor 15:46-48; 2Petr 1:13; 2Petr 1:14


Job 30:22; 2Petr 3:11

a building.

Joh 14:2; Joh 14:3; 1Kor 3:9; Hebr 11:10


Kol 2:11; Hebr 9:11; Hebr 9:24; 1Petr 1:4




2 Want2  ook in dezen zuchten wij, verlangende met onze woonstede, die uit den hemel is, overkleed te worden.  2Rom 8:23;


2 For G2532 G1063 in G1722 this G5129 we groan G4727, earnestly desiring G1971 to be clothed upon G1902 with our G2257 house G3613 which G3588 is from G1537 heaven G3772: Rom 8:23;


2 for also in this we groan, with our dwelling that is from heaven earnestly desiring to clothe ourselves, Rom 8:23;


2 και G2532 CONJ γαρ G1063 CONJ εν G1722 PREP τουτω G5129 D-DSN στεναζομεν G4727 V-PAI-1P το G3588 T-ASN οικητηριον G3613 N-ASN ημων G2257 P-1GP το G3588 T-ASN εξ G1537 PREP ουρανου G3772 N-GSM επενδυσασθαι G1902 V-AMN επιποθουντες G1971 V-PAP-NPM Rom 8:23;


2 For indeed in this we groan, ardently desiring to have put on our house which [is] from heaven; Rom 8:23;

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:2



2Kor 5:4; Rom 7:24; Rom 8:23; 1Petr 1:6; 1Petr 1:7


Php 1:23


2Kor 5:3; 2Kor 5:4; 1Kor 15:53; 1Kor 15:54




3 Zo3 4  wij ook bekleed [en] niet naakt zullen gevonden worden.   3Openb 3:18;  4Openb 16:15;


3 If G1489 so G2532 be that being clothed G1746 we shall G2147 not G3756 be found G2147 naked G1131. Openb 3:18; Openb 16:15;


3 if so be that, having clothed ourselves, we shall not be found naked, Openb 3:18; Openb 16:15;


3 ει G1487 COND γε G1065 PRT και G2532 CONJ  ενδυσαμενοι G1746 V-AMP-NPM εκδυσαμενοι G1562 V-AMP-NPM ου G3756 PRT-N γυμνοι G1131 A-NPM ευρεθησομεθα G2147 V-FPI-1P Openb 3:18; Openb 16:15;


3 if indeed being also clothed we shall not be found naked. Openb 3:18; Openb 16:15;

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:3



Gen 3:7-11; Ex 32:25; Openb 3:18; Openb 16:15




4 Want ook wij, die in dezen tabernakel zijn, zuchten, bezwaard zijnde; nademaal wij niet willen ontkleed, maar overkleed worden, opdat5 6  het sterfelijke van het leven verslonden worde.   5Rom 8:11;  61Kor 15:53;


4 For G2532 G1063 we that are G5607 in G1722 [this] tabernacle G4636 do groan G4727, being burdened G916: not G3756 for that G1894 we would G2309 be unclothed G1562, but G235 clothed upon G1902, that G2443 mortality G2349 might be swallowed up G2666 of G5259 life G2222. Rom 8:11; 1Kor 15:53;


4 for we also who are in the tabernacle do groan, being burdened, seeing we wish not to unclothe ourselves, but to clothe ourselves, that the mortal may be swallowed up of the life. Rom 8:11; 1Kor 15:53;


4 και G2532 CONJ γαρ G1063 CONJ οι G3588 T-NPM οντες G5607 V-PXP-NPM εν G1722 PREP τω G3588 T-DSN σκηνει G4636 N-DSN στεναζομεν G4727 V-PAI-1P βαρουμενοι G916 V-PPP-NPM εφ G1909 PREP ω G3739 R-DSN ου G3756 PRT-N θελομεν G2309 V-PAI-1P εκδυσασθαι G1562 V-AMN αλλ G235 CONJ επενδυσασθαι G1902 V-AMN ινα G2443 CONJ καταποθη G2666 V-APS-3S το G3588 T-NSN θνητον G2349 A-NSN υπο G5259 PREP της G3588 T-GSF ζωης G2222 N-GSF Rom 8:11; 1Kor 15:53;


4 For indeed we who are in the tabernacle groan, being burdened; while yet we do not wish to be unclothed, but clothed, that [what is] mortal may be swallowed up by life. Rom 8:11; 1Kor 15:53;

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:4


we that.

2Pe 1:13





that mortality.

Jes 25:8; 1Kor 15:53; 1Kor 15:54




5 Die ons nu tot ditzelfde bereid heeft, is God, Die7 8 9 10  ons ook het onderpand des Geestes gegeven heeft.     7Rom 8:16;  82Kor 1:22;  9Efez 1:13;  10Efez 4:30;


5 Now G1161 he that hath wrought G2716 us G2248 for G1519 the selfsame thing G846 G5124 [is] God G2316, who G3588 also G2532 hath given G1325 unto us G2254 the earnest G728 of the Spirit G4151. Rom 8:16; 2Kor 1:22; Efez 1:13; Efez 4:30;


5 And He who did work us to this self-same thing [is] God, who also did give to us the earnest of the Spirit; Rom 8:16; 2Kor 1:22; Efez 1:13; Efez 4:30;


5 ο G3588 T-NSM δε G1161 CONJ κατεργασαμενος G2716 V-ADP-NSM ημας G2248 P-1AP εις G1519 PREP αυτο G846 P-ASN τουτο G5124 D-ASN θεος G2316 N-NSM ο G3588 T-NSM δους G1325 V-2AAP-NSM ημιν G2254 P-1DP τον G3588 T-ASM αρραβωνα G728 N-ASM του G3588 T-GSN πνευματος G4151 N-GSN Rom 8:16; 2Kor 1:22; Efez 1:13; Efez 4:30;


5 Now he that has wrought us for this very thing [is] God, who also has given to us the earnest of the Spirit. Rom 8:16; 2Kor 1:22; Efez 1:13; Efez 4:30;

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:5



2Kor 4:17; Jes 29:23; Jes 60:21; Jes 61:3; Efez 2:10

the earnest.

2Kor 1:22; Num 13:23-27; Rom 8:23; Efez 1:13; Efez 1:14; Efez 4:30; 1Joh 3:24




6 Wij hebben dan altijd goeden moed, en weten, dat wij, inwonende in het lichaam, uitwonen van den Heere;


6 Therefore G3767 G2532 [we are] always G3842 confident G2292, knowing G1492 that G3754, whilst we are at home G1736 in G1722 the body G4983, we are absent G1553 from G575 the Lord G2962:


6 having courage, then, at all times, and knowing that being at home in the body, we are away from home from the Lord, --


6 θαρρουντες G2292 V-PAP-NPM ουν G3767 CONJ παντοτε G3842 ADV και G2532 CONJ ειδοτες G1492 V-RAP-NPM οτι G3754 CONJ ενδημουντες G1736 V-PAP-NPM εν G1722 PREP τω G3588 T-DSN σωματι G4983 N-DSN εκδημουμεν G1553 V-PAI-1P απο G575 PREP του G3588 T-GSM κυριου G2962 N-GSM


6 Therefore [we are] always confident, and know that while present in the body we are absent from the Lord,

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:6


we are always.

2Kor 5:8; Ps 27:3; Ps 27:4; Spr 14:26; Jes 30:15; Jes 36:4; Hebr 10:35; 1Petr 5:1; Openb 1:9


2Kor 5:1; 1Kron 29:15; Ps 39:12; Ps 119:19; Filipp 3:20; Filipp 3:21; Hebr 11:13; Hebr 13:14




7 (Want11 12  wij wandelen door geloof [en] niet door aanschouwen.)   111Kor 13:12;  122Kor 3:18;  [Kol 3:3];


7 (For G1063 we walk G4043 by G1223 faith G4102, not G3756 by G1223 sight G1491:) 1Kor 13:12; 2Kor 3:18; [Kol 3:3];


7 for through faith we walk, not through sight-- 1Kor 13:12; 2Kor 3:18; [Kol 3:3];


7 δια G1223 PREP πιστεως G4102 N-GSF γαρ G1063 CONJ περιπατουμεν G4043 V-PAI-1P ου G3756 PRT-N δια G1223 PREP ειδους G1491 N-GSN 1Kor 13:12; 2Kor 3:18; [Kol 3:3];


7 (for we walk by faith, not by sight;) 1Kor 13:12; 2Kor 3:18; [Kol 3:3];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:7


2Kor 1:24; 2Kor 4:18; Deut 12:9; Rom 8:24; Rom 8:25; 1Kor 13:12; Gal 2:20; Hebr 10:38

Hebr 11:1-26; Hebr 11:27; 1Petr 1:8; 1Petr 5:9




8 Maar wij hebben goeden moed, en hebben meer behagen om uit het lichaam uit te wonen, en bij den Heere in te wonen.


8 We are confident G2292, [I say], and G1161 G2532 willing G2106 rather G3123 to be absent G1553 from G1537 the body G4983, and G2532 to be present G1736 with G4314 the Lord G2962.


8 we have courage, and are well pleased rather to be away from the home of the body, and to be at home with the Lord.


8 θαρρουμεν G2292 V-PAI-1P δε G1161 CONJ και G2532 CONJ ευδοκουμεν G2106 V-PAI-1P μαλλον G3123 ADV εκδημησαι G1553 V-AAN εκ G1537 PREP του G3588 T-GSN σωματος G4983 N-GSN και G2532 CONJ ενδημησαι G1736 V-AAN προς G4314 PREP τον G3588 T-ASM κυριον G2962 N-ASM


8 we are confident, I say, and pleased rather to be absent from the body and present with the Lord.

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:8


and willing.

2Kor 5:6; 2Kor 12:2; 2Kor 12:3; Luk 2:29; Hand 21:13; Filipp 1:20-24; 2Tim 4:7; 2Tim 4:8; 2Petr 1:14; 2Petr 1:15

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9 Daarom zijn wij ook zeer begerig, hetzij inwonende, hetzij uitwonende, om Hem welbehagelijk te zijn.


9 Wherefore G1352 we labour G5389, that G2532, whether G1535 present G1736 or G1535 absent G1553, we may be G1511 accepted G2101 of him G846.1

  1labour: or, endeavour


9 Wherefore also we are ambitious, whether at home or away from home, to be well pleasing to him,


9 διο G1352 CONJ και G2532 CONJ φιλοτιμουμεθα G5389 V-PNI-1P ειτε G1535 CONJ ενδημουντες G1736 V-PAP-NPM ειτε G1535 CONJ εκδημουντες G1553 V-PAP-NPM ευαρεστοι G2101 A-NPM αυτω G846 P-DSM ειναι G1511 V-PXN


9 Wherefore also we are zealous, whether present or absent, to be agreeable to him.

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:9


we labour.  or, we endeavour.

Joh 6:27; Rom 15:20; 1Kor 9:26; 1Kor 9:27; 1Kor 15:58; Kol 1:29; 1Thess 4:11

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2Kor 5:6; 2Kor 5:8; Rom 14:8


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10 Want13 14  wij allen moeten geopenbaard worden voor den rechterstoel van Christus, opdat15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24  een iegelijk wegdrage, hetgeen door het lichaam [geschiedt], naardat hij gedaan heeft, hetzij goed, hetzij kwaad.             13Matt 25:32;  14Rom 14:10;  15Ps 62:12;  16Jer 17:10;  17Jer 32:19;  18Matt 16:27;  19Rom 2:6;  20Rom 14:12;  211Kor 3:8;  22Gal 6:5;  23Openb 2:23;  24Openb 22:12;  [Job 34:11]; [Pred 12:14]; [Openb 20:12];


10 For G1063 we G2248 must G1163 all G3956 appear G5319 before G1715 the judgment seat G968 of Christ G5547; that G2443 every one G1538 may receive G2865 the things [done] in G1223 [his] body G4983, according G4314 to that G3739 he hath done G4238, whether G1535 [it be] good G18 or G1535 bad G2556. Matt 25:32; Rom 14:10; Ps 62:12; Jer 17:10; Jer 32:19; Matt 16:27; Rom 2:6; Rom 14:12; 1Kor 3:8; Gal 6:5; Openb 2:23; Openb 22:12; [Job 34:11]; [Pred 12:14]; [Openb 20:12];


10 for all of us it behoveth to be manifested before the tribunal of the Christ, that each one may receive the things [done] through the body, in reference to the things that he did, whether good or evil; Matt 25:32; Rom 14:10; Ps 62:12; Jer 17:10; Jer 32:19; Matt 16:27; Rom 2:6; Rom 14:12; 1Kor 3:8; Gal 6:5; Openb 2:23; Openb 22:12; [Job 34:11]; [Pred 12:14]; [Openb 20:12];


10 τους G3588 T-APM γαρ G1063 CONJ παντας G3956 A-APM ημας G2248 P-1AP φανερωθηναι G5319 V-APN δει G1163 V-PQI-3S εμπροσθεν G1715 PREP του G3588 T-GSN βηματος G968 N-GSN του G3588 T-GSM χριστου G5547 N-GSM ινα G2443 CONJ κομισηται G2865 V-AMS-3S εκαστος G1538 A-NSM τα G3588 T-APN δια G1223 PREP του G3588 T-GSN σωματος G4983 N-GSN προς G4314 PREP α G3739 R-APN επραξεν G4238 V-AAI-3S ειτε G1535 CONJ αγαθον G18 A-ASN ειτε G1535 CONJ φαυλον G5337 A-ASN Matt 25:32; Rom 14:10; Ps 62:12; Jer 17:10; Jer 32:19; Matt 16:27; Rom 2:6; Rom 14:12; 1Kor 3:8; Gal 6:5; Openb 2:23; Openb 22:12; [Job 34:11]; [Pred 12:14]; [Openb 20:12];


10 For we must all be manifested before the judgment-seat of the Christ, that each may receive the things [done] in the body, according to those he has done, whether [it be] good or evil. Matt 25:32; Rom 14:10; Ps 62:12; Jer 17:10; Jer 32:19; Matt 16:27; Rom 2:6; Rom 14:12; 1Kor 3:8; Gal 6:5; Openb 2:23; Openb 22:12; [Job 34:11]; [Pred 12:14]; [Openb 20:12];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:10



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11 Wij dan, wetende den schrik des Heeren, bewegen de mensen tot het geloof, en zijn Gode openbaar geworden; doch ik hoop ook in uw gewetens geopenbaard te zijn.


11 Knowing G1492 therefore G3767 the terror G5401 of the Lord G2962, we persuade G3982 men G444; but G1161 we are made manifest G5319 unto God G2316; and G1161 I trust G1679 also G2532 are made manifest G5319 in G1722 your G5216 consciences G4893.


11 having known, therefore, the fear of the Lord, we persuade men, and to God we are manifested, and I hope also in your consciences to have been manifested;


11 ειδοτες G1492 V-RAP-NPM ουν G3767 CONJ τον G3588 T-ASM φοβον G5401 N-ASM του G3588 T-GSM κυριου G2962 N-GSM ανθρωπους G444 N-APM πειθομεν G3982 V-PAI-1P θεω G2316 N-DSM δε G1161 CONJ πεφανερωμεθα G5319 V-RPI-1P ελπιζω G1679 V-PAI-1S δε G1161 CONJ και G2532 CONJ εν G1722 PREP ταις G3588 T-DPF συνειδησεσιν G4893 N-DPF υμων G5216 P-2GP πεφανερωσθαι G5319 V-RPN


11 Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord we persuade men, but have been manifested to God, and I hope also that we have been manifested in your consciences.

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:11


the terror.

Gen 35:5; Job 6:4; Job 18:11; Job 31:23; Ps 73:19; Ps 76:7; Ps 88:15; Ps 88:16; Ps 90:11

Jes 33:14; Nahum 1:6; Matt 10:28; Matt 25:46; Mark 8:35-38; Mark 9:43-50; Luk 12:5

Hebr 10:31; Judas 1:23; Openb 20:15

we persuade.

2Kor 5:20; 2Kor 6:1; Luk 16:31; Hand 13:43; Hand 18:4; Hand 18:13; Hand 19:26; Hand 20:18-27; Hand 26:26; Hand 28:23

Gal 1:10; Kol 1:28; Kol 1:29; 2Tim 2:24-26


2Kor 1:12-14; 2Kor 2:17; 2Kor 4:1; 2Kor 4:2; 1Kor 4:4; 1Kor 4:5; 1Thess 2:3-12




12 Want25 26  wij prijzen onszelven u niet wederom aan, maar wij geven u oorzaak van roem over ons, opdat gij [stof] zoudt hebben tegen degenen, die in het aangezicht roemen en niet [in] het hart.   252Kor 3:1;  262Kor 10:8;  [2Kor 10:12];


12 For G1063 we commend G4921 not G3756 ourselves G1438 again G3825 unto you G5213, but G235 give G1325 you G5213 occasion G874 to glory G2745 on G5228 our G2257 behalf G5228, that G2443 ye may have G2192 somewhat to G4314 [answer] them which glory G2744 in G1722 appearance G4383, and G2532 not G3756 in heart G2588.2

  2in appearance: Gr. in the face  2Kor 3:1; 2Kor 10:8; [2Kor 10:12];


12 for not again ourselves do we recommend to you, but we are giving occasion to you of glorifying in our behalf, that ye may have [something] in reference to those glorifying in face and not in heart; 2Kor 3:1; 2Kor 10:8; [2Kor 10:12];


12 ου G3756 PRT-N παλιν G3825 ADV εαυτους G1438 F-3APM συνιστανομεν G4921 V-PAI-1P υμιν G5213 P-2DP αλλα G235 CONJ αφορμην G874 N-ASF διδοντες G1325 V-PAP-NPM υμιν G5213 P-2DP καυχηματος G2745 N-GSN υπερ G5228 PREP ημων G2257 P-1GP ινα G2443 CONJ εχητε G2192 V-PAS-2P προς G4314 PREP τους G3588 T-APM εν G1722 PREP προσωπω G4383 N-DSN καυχωμενους G2744 V-PNP-APM και G2532 CONJ μη G3361 PRT-N εν G1722 PREP καρδια G2588 N-DSF 2Kor 3:1; 2Kor 10:8; [2Kor 10:12];


12 [ For] we do not again commend ourselves to you, but [we are] giving to you occasion of boast in our behalf, that ye may have [such] with those boasting in countenance, and not in heart. 2Kor 3:1; 2Kor 10:8; [2Kor 10:12];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:12



2Kor 3:1; 2Kor 6:4; 2Kor 10:8; 2Kor 10:12; 2Kor 10:18; 2Kor 12:11; Spr 27:2


2Kor 1:14; 2Kor 11:12-16; 2Kor 12:1-9

appearance.  Gr. the face.

Ga 6:12-14




13 Want hetzij dat wij uitzinnig zijn, wij zijn het Gode; hetzij dat wij gematigd van zinnen zijn, wij zijn het ulieden.


13 For G1063 whether G1535 we be beside ourselves G1839, [it is] to God G2316: or whether G1535 we be sober G4993, [it is] for your cause G5213.


13 for whether we were beside ourselves, [it was] to God; whether we be of sound mind--[ it is] to you,


13 ειτε G1535 CONJ γαρ G1063 CONJ εξεστημεν G1839 V-2AAI-1P θεω G2316 N-DSM ειτε G1535 CONJ σωφρονουμεν G4993 V-PAI-1P υμιν G5213 P-2DP


13 For whether we are beside ourselves, [it is] to God; or are sober, [it is] for you.

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:13


we be beside.

2Kor 11:1; 2Kor 11:16; 2Kor 11:17; 2Kor 12:6; 2Kor 12:11; Hand 26:24; Hand 26:25; 1Kor 4:10-13; 1Thess 2:3-11

it is to.

2Sam 6:21; 2Sam 6:22


Hand 26:25; Rom 12:3


2Kor 7:12; Kol 1:24; 1Thess 1:5; 2Tim 2:10




14 Want de liefde van Christus dringt ons; (5:15) Als die dit oordelen, dat, indien Eén voor allen gestorven is, zij dan allen gestorven zijn.


14 For G1063 the love G26 of Christ G5547 constraineth G4912 us G2248; because we thus G5124 judge G2919, that G3754 if G1487 one G1520 died G599 for G5228 all G3956, then G686 were G599 all G3956 dead G599:


14 for the love of the Christ doth constrain us, having judged thus: that if one for all died, then the whole died,


14 η G3588 T-NSF γαρ G1063 CONJ αγαπη G26 N-NSF του G3588 T-GSM χριστου G5547 N-GSM συνεχει G4912 V-PAI-3S ημας G2248 P-1AP κριναντας G2919 V-AAP-APM τουτο G5124 D-ASN οτι G3754 CONJ εις G1520 A-NSM υπερ G5228 PREP παντων G3956 A-GPM απεθανεν G599 V-2AAI-3S αρα G686 PRT οι G3588 T-NPM παντες G3956 A-NPM απεθανον G599 V-2AAI-3P


14 For the love of the Christ constrains us, having judged this: that one died for all, then all have died;

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:14


the love.

2Kor 8:8; 2Kor 8:9; Hoogl 1:4; Hoogl 8:6; Hoogl 8:7; Matt 10:37; Matt 10:38; Luk 7:42-47; Joh 14:21-23

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Kol 2:13; 1Tim 5:6; Tit 3:3; 1Joh 5:19




15 En Hij is voor allen gestorven, opdat27 28 29 30  degenen, die leven, niet meer zichzelven zouden leven, maar Dien, Die voor hen gestorven en opgewekt is.     27Rom 14:7;  28Gal 2:20;  291Thess 5:10;  301Petr 4:2;  [Gal 2:19];


15 And G2532 [that] he died G599 for G5228 all G3956, that G2443 they which live G2198 should G2198 not henceforth G3371 live G2198 unto themselves G1438, but G235 unto him which died G599 for G5228 them G846, and G2532 rose again G1453. Rom 14:7; Gal 2:20; 1Thess 5:10; 1Petr 4:2; [Gal 2:19];


15 and for all he died, that those living, no more to themselves may live, but to him who died for them, and was raised again. Rom 14:7; Gal 2:20; 1Thess 5:10; 1Petr 4:2; [Gal 2:19];


15 και G2532 CONJ υπερ G5228 PREP παντων G3956 A-GPM απεθανεν G599 V-2AAI-3S ινα G2443 CONJ οι G3588 T-NPM ζωντες G2198 V-PAP-NPM μηκετι G3371 ADV εαυτοις G1438 F-3DPM ζωσιν G2198 V-PAS-3P αλλα G235 CONJ τω G3588 T-DSM υπερ G5228 PREP αυτων G846 P-GPM αποθανοντι G599 V-2AAP-DSM και G2532 CONJ εγερθεντι G1453 V-APP-DSM Rom 14:7; Gal 2:20; 1Thess 5:10; 1Petr 4:2; [Gal 2:19];


15 and he died for all, that they who live should no longer live to themselves, but to him who died for them and has been raised. Rom 14:7; Gal 2:20; 1Thess 5:10; 1Petr 4:2; [Gal 2:19];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:15


that they.

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live unto.

Luk 1:74; Rom 6:13; Rom 12:1; Rom 14:7-9; 1Kor 6:20; 1Kor 10:33; Gal 2:19; Filipp 1:20; Filipp 1:21

Kol 3:17; Kol 3:23; 1Thess 5:10; Tit 2:14; Hebr 13:20; Hebr 13:21; Openb 1:18




16 Zo31 32 33 34 35  dan, wij kennen van nu aan niemand naar het vlees; en indien wij ook Christus naar het vlees gekend hebben, nochtans kennen wij [Hem] nu niet meer [naar het vlees].      31Matt 12:50;  32Joh 15:14;  33Gal 5:6;  34Gal 6:15;  35Kol 3:11;  [Mark 3:35]; [Luk 8:21];


16 Wherefore G5620 henceforth G575 G3568 know G1492 we G2249 no man G3762 after G2596 the flesh G4561: yea G1161, though G1499 we have known G1097 Christ G5547 after G2596 the flesh G4561, yet G235 now G3568 henceforth G3765 know we G1097 [him] no more G3765. Matt 12:50; Joh 15:14; Gal 5:6; Gal 6:15; Kol 3:11; [Mark 3:35]; [Luk 8:21];


16 So that we henceforth have known no one according to the flesh, and even if we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know him no more; Matt 12:50; Joh 15:14; Gal 5:6; Gal 6:15; Kol 3:11; [Mark 3:35]; [Luk 8:21];


16 ωστε G5620 CONJ ημεις G2249 P-1NP απο G575 PREP του G3588 T-GSM νυν G3568 ADV ουδενα G3762 A-ASM οιδαμεν G1492 V-RAI-1P κατα G2596 PREP σαρκα G4561 N-ASF ει G1487 COND και G2532 CONJ εγνωκαμεν G1097 V-RAI-1P κατα G2596 PREP σαρκα G4561 N-ASF χριστον G5547 N-ASM αλλα G235 CONJ νυν G3568 ADV ουκετι G3765 ADV γινωσκομεν G1097 V-PAI-1P Matt 12:50; Joh 15:14; Gal 5:6; Gal 6:15; Kol 3:11; [Mark 3:35]; [Luk 8:21];


16 So that *we* henceforth know no one according to flesh; but if even we have known Christ according to flesh, yet now we know [him thus] no longer. Matt 12:50; Joh 15:14; Gal 5:6; Gal 6:15; Kol 3:11; [Mark 3:35]; [Luk 8:21];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:16


know we no.

Deut 33:9; 1Sam 2:29; Matt 10:37; Matt 12:48-50; Mark 3:31-35; Joh 2:4; Joh 15:14

Gal 2:5; Gal 2:6; Gal 5:6; Filipp 3:7; Filipp 3:8; Kol 3:11; 1Tim 5:21; 1Tim 5:22; Jak 2:1-4; Jak 3:17


Joh 6:63




17 Zo dan, indien iemand in Christus is, die is een nieuw schepsel; het36 37  oude is voorbijgegaan, ziet, het is alles nieuw geworden.   36Jes 43:18;  37Openb 21:5;  [Gal 5:6]; [Efez 2:10]; [Hebr 3:4];


17 Therefore G5620 if any man G1536 [be] in G1722 Christ G5547, [he is] a new G2537 creature G2937: old things G744 are passed away G3928; behold G2400, all things G3956 are become G1096 new G2537.3

  3he is: or, let him be  Jes 43:18; Openb 21:5; [Gal 5:6]; [Efez 2:10]; [Hebr 3:4];


17 so that if any one [is] in Christ--[ he is] a new creature; the old things did pass away, lo, become new have the all things. Jes 43:18; Openb 21:5; [Gal 5:6]; [Efez 2:10]; [Hebr 3:4];


17 ωστε G5620 CONJ ει G1487 COND τις G5100 X-NSM εν G1722 PREP χριστω G5547 N-DSM καινη G2537 A-NSF κτισις G2937 N-NSF τα G3588 T-NPN αρχαια G744 A-NPN παρηλθεν G3928 V-2AAI-3S ιδου G2400 V-2AAM-2S γεγονεν G1096 V-2RAI-3S καινα G2537 A-NPN Jes 43:18; Openb 21:5; [Gal 5:6]; [Efez 2:10]; [Hebr 3:4];


17 So if any one [be] in Christ, [there is] a new creation; the old things have passed away; behold all things have become new: Jes 43:18; Openb 21:5; [Gal 5:6]; [Efez 2:10]; [Hebr 3:4];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:17



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Rom 16:7; Rom 16:11; 1Kor 1:30; Gal 3:28; Gal 5:6; Efez 1:3; Efez 1:4; Filipp 4:21

he is.  or, let him be.  a new.

Ps 51:10; Ezech 11:19; Ezech 18:31; Ezech 36:26; Matt 12:33; Joh 3:3; Joh 3:5; Gal 6:15

Eph 2:10


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Hebr 8:9-13; 2Petr 3:10-13; Openb 21:1-5




18 En al deze dingen zijn uit God, Die38 39 40  ons met Zichzelven verzoend heeft door Jezus Christus, en ons de bediening der verzoening gegeven heeft.    38Kol 1:20;  391Joh 2:2;  401Joh 4:10;  [2Kor 3:6];


18 And G1161 all things G3956 [are] of G1537 God G2316, who G3588 hath reconciled G2644 us G2248 to himself G1438 by G1223 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547, and G2532 hath given G1325 to us G2254 the ministry G1248 of reconciliation G2643; Kol 1:20; 1Joh 2:2; 1Joh 4:10; [2Kor 3:6];


18 And the all things [are] of God, who reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and did give to us the ministration of the reconciliation, Kol 1:20; 1Joh 2:2; 1Joh 4:10; [2Kor 3:6];


18 τα G3588 T-NPN δε G1161 CONJ παντα G3956 A-NPN εκ G1537 PREP του G3588 T-GSM θεου G2316 N-GSM του G3588 T-GSM καταλλαξαντος G2644 V-AAP-GSM ημας G2248 P-1AP εαυτω G1438 F-3DSM δια G1223 PREP χριστου G5547 N-GSM και G2532 CONJ δοντος G1325 V-2AAP-GSM ημιν G2254 P-1DP την G3588 T-ASF διακονιαν G1248 N-ASF της G3588 T-GSF καταλλαγης G2643 N-GSF Kol 1:20; 1Joh 2:2; 1Joh 4:10; [2Kor 3:6];


18 and all things [are] of the God who has reconciled us to himself by [Jesus] Christ, and given to us the ministry of that reconciliation: Kol 1:20; 1Joh 2:2; 1Joh 4:10; [2Kor 3:6];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:18



Joh 3:16; Joh 3:27; Rom 11:36; 1Kor 1:30; 1Kor 8:6; 1Kor 12:6; Kol 1:16; Kol 1:17; Jak 1:17


Lev 6:30; Ezech 45:15; Dan 9:24; Rom 5:1; Rom 5:10; Rom 5:11

Efez 2:16; Kol 1:20; Kol 1:21; Hebr 2:17; 1Joh 2:2; 1Joh 4:10

hath given.

2Kor 5:19; 2Kor 5:20; Jes 52:7; Jes 57:19; Mark 16:15; Mark 16:16; Luk 10:5; Luk 24:47; Hand 10:36; Hand 13:38

Hand 13:39; Efez 2:17; Kol 1:20




19 Want41 42  God was in Christus de wereld met Zichzelven verzoenende, hun zonden hun niet toerekenende; en heeft het woord der verzoening in ons gelegd.   41Rom 3:24-25;  42Kol 1:20;  [Rom 3:25]; [1Joh 4:10];


19 To wit G5613, that G3754 God G2316 was G2258 in G1722 Christ G5547, reconciling G2644 the world G2889 unto himself G1438, not G3361 imputing G3049 their G846 trespasses G3900 unto them G846; and G2532 hath committed G5087 unto G1722 us G2254 the word G3056 of reconciliation G2643.4

  4committed…: Gr. put in us  Rom 3:24-25; Kol 1:20; [Rom 3:25]; [1Joh 4:10];


19 how that God was in Christ--a world reconciling to Himself, not reckoning to them their trespasses; and having put in us the word of the reconciliation, Rom 3:24-25; Kol 1:20; [Rom 3:25]; [1Joh 4:10];


19 ως G5613 ADV οτι G3754 CONJ θεος G2316 N-NSM ην G2258 V-IXI-3S εν G1722 PREP χριστω G5547 N-DSM κοσμον G2889 N-ASM καταλλασσων G2644 V-PAP-NSM εαυτω G1438 F-3DSM μη G3361 PRT-N λογιζομενος G3049 V-PNP-NSM αυτοις G846 P-DPM τα G3588 T-APN παραπτωματα G3900 N-APN αυτων G846 P-GPM και G2532 CONJ θεμενος G5087 V-2AMP-NSM εν G1722 PREP ημιν G2254 P-1DP τον G3588 T-ASM λογον G3056 N-ASM της G3588 T-GSF καταλλαγης G2643 N-GSF Rom 3:24-25; Kol 1:20; [Rom 3:25]; [1Joh 4:10];


19 how that God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, not reckoning to them their offences; and putting in us the word of that reconciliation. Rom 3:24-25; Kol 1:20; [Rom 3:25]; [1Joh 4:10];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:19



Matt 1:23; Joh 14:10; Joh 14:11; Joh 14:20; Joh 17:23; 1Tim 3:16


Rom 3:24-26; Rom 11:15; 1Joh 2:1; 1Joh 2:2; 1Joh 4:10


Ps 32:1; Ps 32:2; Jes 43:25; Jes 44:22; Rom 4:6-8

committed,  or, put in us.  the word.





20 Zo zijn wij dan gezanten43  van Christus wege, alsof God door ons bade; wij bidden van Christus wege: laat u met God verzoenen.  432Kor 3:6;  [Efez 6:20];


20 Now then G3767 we are ambassadors G4243 for G5228 Christ G5547, as though G5613 God G2316 did beseech G3870 [you] by G1223 us G2257: we pray G1189 [you] in G5228 Christ's G5547 stead G5228, be ye reconciled G2644 to God G2316. 2Kor 3:6; [Efez 6:20];


20 in behalf of Christ, then, we are ambassadors, as if God were calling through us, we beseech, in behalf of Christ, `Be ye reconciled to God;' 2Kor 3:6; [Efez 6:20];


20 υπερ G5228 PREP χριστου G5547 N-GSM ουν G3767 CONJ πρεσβευομεν G4243 V-PAI-1P ως G5613 ADV του G3588 T-GSM θεου G2316 N-GSM παρακαλουντος G3870 V-PAP-GSM δι G1223 PREP ημων G2257 P-1GP δεομεθα G1189 V-PNI-1P υπερ G5228 PREP χριστου G5547 N-GSM καταλλαγητε G2644 V-2APM-2P τω G3588 T-DSM θεω G2316 N-DSM 2Kor 3:6; [Efez 6:20];


20 We are ambassadors therefore for Christ, God as [it were] beseeching by us, we entreat for Christ, Be reconciled to God. 2Kor 3:6; [Efez 6:20];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:20



2Kor 3:6; Job 33:23; Spr 13:17; Mal 2:7; Joh 20:21; Hand 26:17; Hand 26:18; Efez 6:20


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Ezech 18:31; Ezech 18:32


Job 33:6; Luk 10:16; 1Kor 4:4; 1Kor 4:5; 1Thess 4:8


Job 22:21; Spr 1:22-33; Jes 27:5; Jer 13:16; Jer 13:17; Jer 38:20; Luk 14:23




21 Want44 45 46  Dien, Die geen zonde gekend heeft, heeft47 48 49  Hij zonde voor ons gemaakt, opdat wij zouden worden rechtvaardigheid Gods in Hem.       44Jes 53:9;  451Petr 2:22;  461Joh 3:5;  47Jes 53:12;  48Rom 8:3;  49Gal 3:13;  [Hebr 4:15];


21 For G1063 he hath made G4160 him [to be] sin G266 for G5228 us G2257, who G3588 knew G1097 no G3361 sin G266; that G2443 we G2249 might be made G1096 the righteousness G1343 of God G2316 in G1722 him G846. Jes 53:9; 1Petr 2:22; 1Joh 3:5; Jes 53:12; Rom 8:3; Gal 3:13; [Hebr 4:15];


21 for him who did not know sin, in our behalf He did make sin, that we may become the righteousness of God in him. Jes 53:9; 1Petr 2:22; 1Joh 3:5; Jes 53:12; Rom 8:3; Gal 3:13; [Hebr 4:15];


21 τον G3588 T-ASM μη G3361 PRT-N γνοντα G1097 V-2AAP-ASM αμαρτιαν G266 N-ASF υπερ G5228 PREP ημων G2257 P-1GP αμαρτιαν G266 N-ASF εποιησεν G4160 V-AAI-3S ινα G2443 CONJ ημεις G2249 P-1NP γενωμεθα G1096 V-2ADS-1P δικαιοσυνη G1343 N-NSF θεου G2316 N-GSM εν G1722 PREP αυτω G846 P-DSM Jes 53:9; 1Petr 2:22; 1Joh 3:5; Jes 53:12; Rom 8:3; Gal 3:13; [Hebr 4:15];


21 Him who knew not sin he has made sin for us, that *we* might become God's righteousness in him. Jes 53:9; 1Petr 2:22; 1Joh 3:5; Jes 53:12; Rom 8:3; Gal 3:13; [Hebr 4:15];

TSK - 2 Korinthe 5:21



Jes 53:4-6; Jes 53:9-12; Dan 9:26; Zach 13:7; Rom 8:3; Gal 3:13; Efez 5:2

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Rom 5:19; Rom 8:1-4; Rom 10:3; Rom 10:4; 1Kor 1:30; Filipp 3:9





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