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Weekly Bible Readings for September, 1937.
Subject: "School."
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The thought to follow out is the place of the
September 5th.
Gal. 3: 15-29.
The law cannot alter previous promise (17).
The law was "added" (19).
The law cannot give life (21).
The law acted as a Schoolmaster until Christ
came, but ceases after faith is come
(24, 25).
Point out that the word "doctrine" (3: 16,
September 12th.
II Timothy 1:
4: 3) means "teaching".
Compare II Tim. 1: 11 with I Tim. 2: 7.
Teachers were included in special gifts to
the Church (Eph. iv.11).
In verse 4 "learned" means a "learner".
September 19th.
Isaiah 50:
Note that in order to "speak" one must
Note the four references to the "Lord God".
He gives (4), opens (5), helps (7 and 9).
Isaiah speaks of Christ.  Let us "learn of
The prime object of study: "approved unto
September 26th.
II Timothy 2:
The character of the student: an unashamed
The method of this study: "right division"
Verses to memorize (one each week):
Gal. 3: 24, 25; II Tim. 1: 13; Isa. 50: 4; II Tim. 2: 15.
"Search and See" Section.
Galatians 3: 15-29.--
(1) When did the law cease to be a "schoolmaster"?
(2) What did Christ give which the law could not?
(3) What did the law do (verse 24)?
II Timothy 1:--
(1) Who is the teacher in verse 11 and who did he teach?
(2) What is "the form of sound words"? The answer is in verse 13.
Isaiah 50:--
(1) What will God do for us if we are willing to learn (verses 4, 5, 7, and 9)?
(2) What can we do when God has given us the "tongue of the learned"?
(3) What (in your own words) does a "word in season to him that is weary" mean?
II Timothy 2:--
(1) What do you say the word "study" means in verse 15?
(2) What are the three things we are told to study especially?