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Weekly Bible Readings for August, 1937.
Subject: "Holidays."
p. 160
Mark's Gospel represents the "Servant" of the
August 1st.
Lord. It has no genealogy, but begins and
Mark 6: 1-31.
ends with service (Mk. 1: 14, 16: 20).
Rest awhile.
The invitation of verse 31 should be read
with that of Matt. 11: 28-30.
The occasion of this "holy day" (10) was the
August 8th.
finding of the law, and its reading and
Nehemiah 8:
explanation to the people (8).
A Real Holiday.
"Eat the fat, drink the sweet, send portions,
make great mirth" (10, 12).
The disciples and the Lord on the sea shore.
August 15th.
John 21:
His provision (5, 6, 9).
The Sea Shore.
Proof of His resurrection (14).
What He said to Peter on the sea shore (15).
After the fun of building a sand castle comes
August 22nd.
Matthew 7:
the consciousness that the incoming tide
The Sand Castle.
will leave not a trace. The rocks, however,
will be there next morning (24-27).
Mark 6: 39 notes the green grass, so giving
August 29th.
John 6: 1-27.
an idea of the time of year. The disciples
A Meal in the Open.
"gathered up the fragments", and no
Christian will spoil the country with
"litter". Daily bread is a symbol of the
gift of life (27).
"Search and See" Section.
Mark 6: 1-31.--
(1) What did Christ tell his disciples to do besides go out and work for Him?
(2) Why was it necessary to "rest a while"?
(3) How can we find rest?
Nehemiah 8:--
(1) Why did the people keep this day as a "holy day"?
(2) What was the feeling among them all at this time?
John 21:--
(1) What happened when Jesus Christ appeared on the sea-shore?
(2) John 2: is the first sign; John 21: is the last. Show where they are alike.
Matthew 7:--
What is the most important part of the house? What does a wise man do?
John 6: 1-27.--
(1) How much bread did Philip reckon, and how much did Christ use?
(2) What is the difference between the two kinds of meat in verse 27?