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Weekly Bible Readings for March, 1937.
Subject: The Saviour.
p. 60
Name JESUS is N.T. way of spelling "Joshua"
March 7th.
(see Acts 7: 45; Heb. 4: 8).
Matthew 1:
Name EMMANUEL interpreted in passage
The Saviour--"Jesus",
as "God with us".
A true recognition of the Person of the
Saviour is essential.
The Saviour is "Christ the Lord" (11).
March 14th.
Luke 2: 1-32.
The Salvation which old Simeon saw was
The Saviour--
the Saviour Himself (30);
"Christ the Lord."
note "all people" (10 and 31).
Note reference to "Saviour" in Titus (1: 3;
March 21st.
2: 10; 3: 4--"God"):
Titus 2:
(1: 4; 2: 13; 3: 6--"Christ").
The Saviour--
Note the "appearing of Salvation" (11) and
"Our Great God."
the "appearing" of the Saviour (13).
Cyrus, a deliverer raised up by God, a type
March 28th.
Isaiah 45:
of Christ.
The Saviour--
"None else" (5, 14, 18, 21, 22).
"A Just God."
"Just" and "Saviour" See Rom. 1: 16-17.
"Search and See" Section.
Matthew 1:--
(1) What are the names given to Christ in this chapter, and what do they mean?
(2) Was Christ born into a king's family, and what was the king's name?
Luke 2:--
(1) What title does the angel give when telling the shepherds that a baby is born?
(2) How many people were to hear the news of the Saviour's birth?
(3) What did Simeon mean when he said he had seen God's salvation?
Titus 2:--
(1) What should we be looking for if we believe the Saviour?
(2) When did Christ give Himself for us?
Isaiah 45:--
(1) Can you tell from this chapter if there is more than one God and Saviour?
(2) What kind of God is our God?
Verses to memorize (one each week):
Matt. 1: 21; Luke 2: 21; Titus 2: 13; Isa. 45: 22.