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Weekly Bible Readings for February, 1937.
Subject: Salvation.
p. 40
Notice purport of "for" in 16, 17.
February 7th.
"Power" is translated "Miracle".
Romans 1: 1-17.
We are "saved" because "righteousness" has
"The gospel, the power of
been provided.
God unto salvation."
"Salvation" in verse 12 is "the healing".
February 14th.
Acts 1: 1-22.
The miracle sets forth the "salvation" of the
"Salvation through Christ
Stress "none other name".
Give parallels, e.g., John 14: 6.
Prophetic "in that day" (1);
February 21st.
Isaiah 12:
"God", "Jehovah", (2);
"God is my Salvation."
"Wells of salvation" (see John 4: 14);
"Salvation", "Strength", "Song".
"Hiding Place";  "Shield";
February 28th.
Psalm 119: 113-128.
"Surety"; "Salvation."
"Search and See" Section.
Romans 1:--
(1) Why was Paul not ashamed of the gospel he was so ready to preach?
(2) To whom is salvation given?
(3) What is revealed to us in the gospel?
Acts 4:--
(1) Did Peter heal the man by his own power,
or did he acknowledge some other power?
(2) Are we saved by our own works?
(3) Who is the only One Who can save?
Isaiah 12:--
(1) Why can we trust and not be afraid when troubles come?
(2) Is there only a small supply of salvation, and
(3) Why is it likened to water?
Psalm 119: 113-128.-- (1) Mention in what ways God helps us and saves us in these verses?
(2) What does it mean by saying that God is "surety" for us?
Verses to memorize (one each week):
Rom. 1: 16; Acts 4: 12; Isa. 12: 12; Psa. 119: 114.