The Berean Expositor
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A review, and sign of the times.
New Eden.
(From the "News Chronicle", 14/1/1935).
p. 103
The traditional site of the Garden of Eden, now a barren, arid desert waste with only
an occasional oasis, will, it is hoped, within three years become once more fertile and
This change is to be effected at a cost of over a million pounds by Messrs. Balfour and
Beatty, of London, who were selected by the Iraqi Government, from many foreign
rivals, to carry out this work.
They will construct a barrage across the Tigris at Kut, then dig a canal connecting the
Tigris with a smaller river, the Shatt-el Gharraf, which runs down through the heart of
Iraq, the traditional "Garden", almost as far as Ur of the Chaldees, the cradle city of
Faith Healing.
(From the News Chronicle, 4/4/1935).
p. 105
"As one who has been a lay pastor of the Elim Four Square Movement, I would like to
say that although I have met many supposed faith-healing cures I have never met a case
where a doctor's certificate could be produced before or after the supposed cure. They
may exist, but I have never met them."
"If faith-healing is a fact, how comes it one of their pastors attended a spa for personal
healing yet would practice faith-healing upon others?  If it is not deception what is it?
E. W. H.....L, Birghton, 6."