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p. 280
Among the most important signs of the times that point to the close of the age, must
be reckoned the movement of nations that will eventuate in the confederacy of kings
under the Beast at the time of the end. The focal spot naturally is Jerusalem, and the
central nation, Israel. Yet no one, untaught by the prophetic Scriptures, anticipated that
the Great War which commenced in 1914 could not end until Jerusalem passed from
under Turkish rule, but so it was.
The country of Abyssinia is not mentioned by that name in Scripture, but is
nevertheless frequently referred to under the name Ethiopia.  The Ethiopians are
descendants of Ham, through his eldest son Cush. The words "Cush" and "Ethiopia" are
interchangeable, and where we read in the A.V. the word Ethiopia, the reader should
remember that the Hebrew word is always the name Cush.
A month or two ago, few would have given Abyssinia a moment's thought when
compiling a list of the nations destined to play a part at the time of the end, yet the
student of prophecy has always known that Ethiopia is to be in league, at least for a time,
with Antichrist. Just before he "comes to his end", the willful king "shall stretch forth his
hand also upon the countries; and the land of Egypt shall not escape . . . . . and the
Lybyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps" (Dan. 11: 43). That Ethiopia will form
part of the unholy alliance of nations at the time of the end, Ezekiel testifies. The land of
Israel is to be invaded by "Gog, the chief prince (or prince of Rosh) of Meshech and
Tubal" (Ezek. 38: 1-5), and confederate with them will be "Persia, Ethiopia and
Lybia". This confederacy will be overthrown, and numbers will perish, yet we find at
the end Ethiopia numbered among the nations that will submit to the reign of the
King of kings. Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands
unto God. Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth; O sing praises unto the Lord"
(Psa. 68: 31, 32).
The reader would be well advised to study for His own edification the prophetic
references to other nations, such as Greece, Persia, Egypt, etc., so that instead of having a
failing of heart as these terrible signs begin to appear, he will realize how complete is the
foreknowledge and the control of the Lord, and safely lean upon His faithfulness.