The Berean Expositor
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There is no comparison between our present sufferings and future glory for:--
These sufferings are comparatively insignificant (verses 18-23).
There is abundant provision made by the Lord for our sustenance under the
sufferings, which includes the intercession of the Holy Spirit (verses 24-28).
There is the most complete assurance that glory shall be ours, for it is a part of the
divine purpose, and cannot fail of accomplishment (verses 29, 30).
God being so evidently "for us", even to the sparing not of His own Son, it follows
that neither condemnation nor separation shall ever be known by us (verses 31-35).
We may pass through many and varied trials, but in the midst of them all we shall
remain more than conquerors (verse 37).
The apostle's opening words, "For I reckon", are now exchanged for his closing
conviction, "For I am persuaded" that nothing in earth, hell, or heaven shall be
able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord
(verses 38, 39).
We trust the reader enjoys something of this "strong consolation". If he does, he will
already have reviewed some of his own "sufferings", which had appeared as
"mountains", and seen them in their true perspective as mole-hills. Nothing so marks the
believer's state as his attitude to suffering, irritations, vexatious waiting, and the need for
long drawn out endurance. We need to keep Rom. 8: 17-39 continually in heart and
mind, that we may lay hold of the hope set before us.
Unless the exposition of the remaining verses, 19-21, of this section be compressed
into a short compass, and thus much that demands attention be missed, we must accept
this introductory article for what it is worth, and be prepared, without more ado, to take
up the examination of the remainder on resumption. This, we are sure, is the only wise
course, and consequently we commend to the conscience of all what has been shown,
praying that the glory that is yet to be may be our continual guide and incentive.