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A review, and sign of the times.
The "blessed hope" of Science.
p. 40
Extract from News and Chronicle of 2nd November, 1931.
"When the earth dies.
Life after death was the theme of the All Saints' Day sermon at the
Chapel Royal, St. Jame's, by the bishop of Birmingham (Dr. Barnes) yesterday.
`So long as the earth was deemed central and unique in the cosmos, with man
specially created to place upon it, by the direct action of God some six thousand
years ago', he said, `the fact of a future life is not only credible but natural. But
with our recent enlargements of knowledge doubts and difficulties have become
On this earth life would flicker out when the solar heat passed away, but in
some other realm, he was forced to assume, all that was of value in his
personality would endure."
Date of Exodus.
p. 80
From The News Chronicle of January, 1932.
"Princess who found the infant Moses."
"The tombs of the Kings of Jericho found by Professor John Garstang, director of the
Marston Archaeological Expedition, contain pottery and Egyptian scarabs which will
definitely settle the date of the Exodus, and will help to place beyond dispute the
chronology of the Old Testament.
Sir Charles Marston, who has received a report of the discovery, said yesterday:
`One tomb is dated as of the joint reign of Hatasu and Thotmes III, and this is of
exceptional interest in fixing the date of the Exodus. Hatasu was the most masterful
princess in Egyptian history, and it is extremely probable that it was she who discovered
the baby Moses among the bulrushes. The Bible dates coincide'."