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The walls of Jericho.
p. 120
From the "Daily Telegraph" of 4th April, 1932.
"How the walls of Jericho fell to the trumpets of JOSHUA has been discovered,
Sir CHARLES MARSTON  tells us, by the last excavations.  Earlier and rather
conjectural skepticism had instructed us that the narrative in the Old Testament was
rhetoric and metaphor. `The wall fell down flat', one orthodox modern commentary
interprets, `is merely literary hyperbole'. But Professor GARSTANG's excavations
show that the wall did actually fall down, and fell outwards in the manner most
convenient for a besieging force to enter the city. The cause of the collapse was indeed
not the march of the Hebrew host, or its trumpet peals, but an earthquake.
If this is confirmed, the picturesque Biblical narrative will be closer to the fact than
the corrections of critical scholarship. The general accuracy of the tribal traditions on
which the early books of the Old Testament are based is indeed to be expected, and the
process of interpreting it by subtracting all that does not seem sufficiently probable to a
twentieth-century mind is not likely to be invariably valid."