The Berean Expositor
Volume 22 - Page 165 of 214
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The first jewel in the series is more precious than gold, and it is not so much faith
itself that is in view as its trial and its proving. This jewel may well be a crystal, the
crystallized tears of those who have suffered for their faith.
The second jewel is indeed one in which suffering predominates: it is "the precious
blood of Christ." This jewel also is infinitely above such corruptible things as silver and
The next two references are to the living stone of God's election and of man's
reprobation, teaching us that "preciousness" depends largely upon the point of view--
God's or man's.
The fifth jewel in this ornament of grace is the Lord Himself: "He is precious" in
Himself, but His preciousness is apparent only to the believer. Others see no beauty in
Him that they should desire Him.
The sixth jewel speaks of faith itself--"like precious faith". Faith therefore can be
"common" because shared or possessed by many, and yet precious, unlike so many
precious things that are esteemed in the world largely because of their rarity.
The last jewel of the series refers to the great and precious promises of God.
This string of gems is as much our possession as it is that of the dispersion who
believe, and we trust that our meditation together upon these precious things may indeed
augment for us all the joy of faith.