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God gave them the land for 450 years as an inheritance. He leased it to them so to speak by
covenant (Exod. 6: 4-8), while they were in the wilderness, when also He gave them judges, and
at the expiration of 450 years. He made another covenant with David in 2963, and promised
that the Kingdom which had recently been set up should made sure to him for ever, and his throne
established for ever (II Sam. 7: 16; 23: 5; I Chron. 17: 8-15, 27).
For the complete fulfillment compare Luke 1: 32.
(a) That took place in the wilderness (Josh. 24: 12).
(b) Cf. Heb. 11: 8. Acts 7: 5.
(c) The things related previously, the order is that of giving.
(d) Cf. Exod. 18: 25, 26, and I Sam. 7: 15.
Thus the 450 years refer to the covenant concerning the inheritance of the land (R.V.) and not
the duration of the judges. If however the old version is preferred an explanation will be found in
Mr. Dimbleby's "All Past Time", pp. 92 and 93.
Jephthah's 300 years (Judges 11: 25, 26).
This is a most important period, and its composition is a necessity. It appears there were
Judges in the North East, and the South West (similarly as later there were Kings of Judah and
Kings of Israel) for a limited period. These are described in detail in "All Past Time", and the
300 years form a part of the 480th year referred to in I Kings 6: 1
The 4th year of Solomon was
A.M. 2993.5
and the Exodus was in