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The 430 years are bisected (215+215 years) at 2298, when Jacob went down to Egypt, and
when Joseph made himself known unto his brethren.
Thus 215 years in Canaan, and 215 years in Egypt.
Abram left Ur of the Chaldees in
A.M. 2082.
The Exodus was in the year
In these years, the 7 months are alike in their dates of the Sabbath days. Therefore the
15 day of the 7th month of 2082 would be the selfsame day of the week as the 15th day of the
7th month of 2513. This day was a Tuesday (See Numb. 33: 3).
"And they departed from Rameses in the first month, on the fifteenth day of the first
month, on the morrow after the Passover."
It must be remembered in all calculations that the 1st sacred month = the 7th civil month.
Mr. Dimbleby's tables should be consulted."
The 400 years.
The SEED to be a stranger for 400 years.
God said to Abram (Gen. 15: 13):--
A | "Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs.
B | And shall serve them.
B | And they shall afflict them
A | Four hundred years."
The prominent word here is SEED, and as Isaac was not born until 2108 A.M., the 400 years
could not possibly commence before that period.
It may be read in more ways than one. Probably the best is as above
reading A with A, and B with B.  The period is thought by some
to date from
A.M. 2112-3
To when Ishmael persecuted Isaac, ending with the Exodus in
We give a further note by F. S. (Devon) upon a kindred subject to that of the 430
and the 400 years.
The inheritance for 450 years.
The Exodus was in
A.M. 2513.5
From thence stretched a period of
To the date of the everlasting covenant with David
This period of 450 years is referred to in Acts 13: 19, 20, which the R.V. renders as
"And when he (God) had destroyed 7 nations in the land of Canaan:--
(a) He gave them their land for an INHERITANCE
(b) For about 450 years, and after these things
(c) He gave them judges
(d) Until Samuel the prophet, and afterwards they ask for a King and God GAVE
unto them Saul."