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"The Selfsame Day." (Exod. 12: 41).
pp. 13 - 15
Readers may remember that in our article "Fundamentals of Dispensational Truth"
(Volume XIII, page 150) reference was made to a friend's contribution to the unraveling
of the problem connected with the two time periods, 430 years and 400 years.
We have received one or two helpful notes on this subject, and as we believe they will
help us all in our quest of truth we reproduce them here. We hope to publish replies later
as time permits.
Letter from W.H.G.T. (U.S.A.).
"I have read with interest the article on Exod. 12: 40-42 on p.150 of the B.E., but I
should like you to give us a further consideration of the following points:--
1.  How do you reconcile the statement that 430 years cover the time from Abram's
departure from Ur with the statement in Gen. 15: 13, that his seed would be a
stranger in a land that is not theirs 400 years? Does not this seem to imply that the
entire 400 years were to be spent in Egypt?
2.  How is this period to be reconciled with the phrase `the fourth generation'?
3.  Even in Exod. 12: 40, the sojourning is spoken of as that of `the children of Israel',
which again seems to indicate the nation.
4.  I wonder whether you have ever considered the question of the particular Pharaohs
of the Oppression and Exodus in the light of your contentions. I observe that
authorities differ in regard to this, some saying that the Pharaohs were of the 19th and
others that they were of the 18th Dynasty.
I should much like to have the whole question considered, both by you and by the
friend to whom you refer on p.151."
Another reader (F.S., Devon) contributes the following intensely interesting note. We
would just say by way of introduction that Mr. J. B. Dimbleby, whose works are
referred to, was a leading member of the British Chronological and Astronomical
Association, and the Author of several books dealing with Biblical Chronology as
governed by astronomy.
The 430 years.
"Referring to your article on page 150 and the self-same day of the 430 years, the late
Mr. Dimbleby locates this in a manner showing that all was according to God's plan and
Abraham having left his native land at God's command (Gen. 11: 31;
cf. Acts 7: 2) entered into Canaan as recorded in Gen. 12: 4, 5 in
A.M. 2083.5
"Now the SOJOURNING of the children of Israel (who
dwelt [A different Hebrew word from sojourning] in Egypt) was
And it came to pass at the end of the 430 years, even the
self-same day, it came to pass, that all the hosts of the Lord
went out from the land of Egypt" (Exod. 12: 40; cf. Gal. 3: 17;
Exod. 4: 4).