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PDF-version HTML-version Things Most Surely Believed
70 pages - Charles H. Welch
A declaration of things most surely believed grouped under twelve subjects.
PDF-version HTML-version Accepted In The Beloved
49 pages - Charles H. Welch
Studies dealing with the position of the believer in Christ.
PDF-version HTML-version The Acts of the Apostles and Afterwards
264 pages - Stuart Allen
A detailed exposition of this key book of the New Testament. The importance of the Acts of the Apostles in the plan and purposes of God in Christ cannot be stressed too much.
PDF-version HTML-version The Apostle of Reconciliation
337 pages - Charles H. Welch
This book develops the conclusions reached in Dispensational Truth. A dispensation is an administration, or stewardship. Jew, Gentile, Church of God, etc., provide dispensational distinctions as dealt with by God. Our Lord, rejected by the Jews during His lifetime was, after the crucifixion, offered again by God conditional upon the repentance of the nation. Our book reviews historical conditions and considers the epistles written during these years when God’s offer was open to the Jewish nation and to such Gentiles who, as the figure shows, were grafted into Israel’s olive tree. Romans, Galatians, and 1 and 2 Corinthians all contribute to the aspect of reconciliation.
PDF-version HTML-version Autobiography of Charles H. Welch
129 pages - Charles H. Welch
Mr. Welch was born on April 25, 1880, in Bermondsey, England. His parents were atheist, but were honest, kind and excellent parents with the exception that the Word of God was not read in their home. He was the oldest child and he had six sisters. However, he was not shown any favoritism and was required to do the same tasks that his siblings performed.

Mr. Welch had no college training or social status as his parents were poor and were not able to provide the things that would appear to make one qualified to write and teach the Bible. As he compared his status to the Apostle Paul he seemed to fall short in every way. These facts however did not keep him from doing what he referred to as "The Work".

Mr. Welch had several secular jobs as he provided for himself and his family. He worked with leather to make handbags, as Secretary of the Bible Training College, he trained to be an artist, did construction work, he owned and operated a green house. He did these various tasks for the "The bread that perishes". Then the real work, writing articles for the "The Berean Expositor" as well as sharing the Word of God where ever there was an open door.

Mr. Welch was saved when he was twenty years old in November 1900. An American by the name of Dr. Munhall was the speaker at the meeting he attended. The text that was used was taken from the Gospel of John, "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life." He states that "I passed from death unto life upon believing that simple testimony."

Another interesting point that I want to mention is that as a result of financial hardship Mr. Welch was engaged to his future wife for 12 years before they could afford to be married. Mrs. Welch was very supportive of her husband's work and always found ways to help him serve God and The Work that was their life.

The last topic I want to share is the meeting that took place between Mr. Welch and Dr. Bullinger, concerning the dividing of the Apostle Paul's Epistles written before and after Acts 28. They agreed that Paul's writings should be divided this way and Dr. Bullinger asked Mr. Welch to begin writing a series of articles in "Things to Come" as a result of this meeting.

Mr. Welch's life has been an encouragement and a challenge to me to do a better job of sharing and living for the truth of the "Mystery" given to the Apostle Paul.

PDF-version HTML-version Baptism
13 pages - Stuart Allen
A fresh look at a controversial subject.
PDF-version HTML-version Berean Gospel Messages
34 pages - Charles H. Welch
Eight articles to provoke the interest of all sorts and conditions of men in the things of God and of Christ.
PDF-version HTML-version Berean Messages
45 pages - Charles H. Welch
Ten messages to provoke the interest of the ordinary Christian in dispensational truths.
PDF-version HTML-version The Book We Trust
27 pages - Brian Sherring
A survey of the books of the Bible, written in an uncomplicated way to interest young readers, so that they will want to investigate for themselves the Book of Books that should have such an important part in their lives.
PDF-version HTML-version The Bride And The Body
42 pages - Charles H. Welch
An examination of three Scriptural terms: (1) The Wife. (2) The Bride, and (3) The Body; from which it is concluded that these signify three distinct callings.
PDF-version HTML-version Can We Believe The Bible
3 pages - Charles H. Welch
This short study is taken from a personal testimony given by Mr. Welch at a Youth Rally in London on the inspiration of Scripture.
PDF-version HTML-version Christ the Center And Circumference of PAUL’S Ministry
14 pages - Charles H. Welch
A theme of praise to our Risen Lord. Makes a delightful series of studies that are helpful in every way to the reader and student.
PDF-version HTML-version The Deity Of Christ
53 pages - Charles H. Welch
An exhaustive study worthy of the attention of anyone who may be in doubt, or who has encountered false doctrines concerning the Deity of Christ.
PDF-version HTML-version Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit
39 pages - Stuart Allen
A brief Biblical study of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.
PDF-version HTML-version Ecclesiastes
95 pages - Charles H. Welch
Ecclesiastes is a book which deals with the circumstances of every passing hour, and much of its teaching is as applicable today as when it was written: a mirror of what life may come to mean if light be given and rejected.
PDF-version HTML-version Ephesians Via Romans
38 pages - Charles H. Welch
Showing the ‘permanent’ and the ‘passing’ in the epistle to the Romans, and the connection between the doctrinal ‘basis’ of Romans and the dispensational ‘superstructure’ of Ephesians.
PDF-version HTML-version Eternal God Is Thy Refuge
25 pages - Charles H. Welch
A booklet to encourage the believer in times of stress.
PDF-version HTML-version Far Above All
28 pages - Charles H. Welch
A sequel to United Yet Divided, outlining the blessings of the Church of the One Body of Ephesians.
PDF-version HTML-version The Form of Sound Words
140 pages - Charles H. Welch
The basis of this book is the warning of the apostle Paul against ‘a form of godliness’ (2 Tim. 3:5) as contrasted with the necessity to hold fast the ‘form of sound words’ which had been heard of him, and which he expected Timothy to commit to faithful men who would teach others also (2 Tim. 1:13, 2:2). Other features such as ‘The inspiration of Scripture’, ‘God manifest in the flesh’, and ‘Three spheres of blessing’ are dealt with in the express terms of Paul’s teaching.
PDF-version HTML-version Four Gospels
41 pages - Charles H. Welch
A comparative study of the four Gospels.

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