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Accepted In The Beloved

Charles H. Welch

49 pages

Studies dealing with the position of the believer in Christ.


  1. The text itself and brief notes on the word `Holy'
  2. `Without blemish', the sacrificial character
  3. `Unreproveable', blameless in the court of law
  4. `The washing of water by the Word'
  5. `Not having spot or wrinkle'
  6. `Before Him' and `beside Him'
  7. The sphere and realm of our glorious acceptance
  8. Entire sanctification - unblameable in holiness
  9. `Ye are washed', symbolism applied
  10. Batheing, Rinsing, Washing
  11. `Made meet'
  12. The practical response, `worthy'
  13. `Sincere and without offence'
  14. `An odour of a sweet smell'
  15. `Ye are unleavened'
  16. `Accepted' and `acceptable'