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Ephesians via Romans

Charles H. Welch

38 pages

Ecclesiastes is a book which deals with the circumstances of every passing hour, and much of its teaching is as applicable today as when it was written: a mirror of what life may come to mean if light be given and rejected Showing the ‘permanent' and the ‘passing' in the epistle to the Romans, and the connection between the doctrinal ‘basis' of Romans and the dispensational ‘superstructure' of Ephesians.


  1. Right Division and all Scripture.
  2. The difference between ‘Doctrinal’ and ‘Dispensational’ Truth explained.
  3. Some Doctrines Unchanged with the Change of Dispensation.
  4. A few guiding principles on the question of Practice.
  5. The two Sets of Paul’s Epistles in relation to Acts 28. 17
  6. Conclusion.