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Volume 8 - Prophetic Truth - Page 194 of 304
The title Antichrist should not be used of the world power at the
time of the end, although the Beast will be antichristian.
The words 'in your hearts' of 2 Peter 1:19 refer to the
exhortation 'Ye do well to take heed' and not to the rising of the day star.
The Second Coming will not be 'in your hearts' but actual, visible and
William F. Albright, former director of the American School of Oriental
Research in Jerusalem, now Professor of Semitic languages at Johns Hopkins
University, has admitted his changed views on Biblical prophecy in a most
heartwarming manner.  In an address at the Jewish Theological Seminary of
America a year ago, Dr. Albright said:
'I suppose we have no other phenomenon in history which is quite so
extraordinary as the unique event represented by the restoration of Israel in
the sixth and fifth centuries B.C.  At no other time in world history ... has
a people been destroyed and then come back after a lapse of time and re -
established itself.  Most certainly there is no parallel for the double re -
establishment, for the recurrence of Israel's restoration after 2,500 years
of further history.
'... And so Restoration came.  It came with the great founders of
Zionism ... It came with men who are dreamers and scholars and doers ... So
these men have continued to dream; they have -- often without knowing it
because some of them were not religious and did not believe in prophecy --
carried on the old prophetic tradition of Israel, and they have incorporated
it into a reality which has made nonsense of the predictions of every non -
prophetic soul, including myself.  I never dreamed that there would be an
actual Jewish State of Israel.  I am sure that I often asserted "its
impossibility".  Yet Israel exists and the vision has been fulfilled.
'What is going to happen next?  Are the words of the Prophets merely
archaic survivals of a na<ve age?  Not at all.  The words of the Prophets are
just as true today as they were 25 centuries ago.  God will keep His Covenant
with His people if that people obey the Divine commands.  God is fulfilling
the predictions made through His servants, the Prophets ...'.
These predictions -- be it remembered! -- relate to a return of Hebrew
people to the Land, largely in unbelief, previous to God's final dealings
with them in the ancient homeland in preparation for the glorious Messianic
kingdom and the complete regathering which God himself shall accomplish.
In the March 1954 Readers' Digest, Blake Clark describes 'How the Bible
is Building Israel'.  From 1 Kings 7:45,46, Biblical archaeologist Rabbi
Nelson Glueck got a hint of where copper might be found.  After years of
search and excavation, he found copper in the Jordan valley as indicated, and
further south seven similar centres disclosed King Solomon's famous mines.  1
Kings 9:26 led him to Ezion -geber, 'the Pittsburgh of Palestine', where the
ore has been refined.  On the walls of the copper mines' office is hung a
framed copy of Deuteronomy 8:7 -9.  Because this passage also mentions iron,
Dr. Ben Tor searched and analysed samples in Beersheba until he found iron;
and engineers have since found still more excellent deposits practical for
mining ....