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Volume 8 - Prophetic Truth - Page 195 of 304
The Old Testament shows that agricultural settlements were numerous in
the Jordan Valley; and thus far fifty new settlements from Dan to Beersheba
have risen beside ancient sites which Biblical archaeologists have re-
identified; and at nearly every one, some ancient water supply has been
found.  Dr. Walter Clay Lowdermilk, expert on soil conservation and crops,
has advised the Israelis in line with Biblical indications as to where
certain crops were grown; and thus the best areas today for wheat, olives,
grapes, and flax have been found.
Noting from the Bible that great herds of sheep and cattle grazed in
the Beersheba area in ancient times when water must have been more plentiful
than now, archaeologists have found in the hills remains of rock dykes,
connected to form an intricate drainage system, which conserved all the rain.
By renewing this ancient drainage system, 40 small dykes on 65 acres of land
have resulted in lush green grass for 300 sheep.  Inasmuch as Isaac,
centuries ago, dug wells in that region, search has revealed 37 cisterns hewn
out of the limestone, and now storing 20,000 gallons of water over a radius
of six miles.
In May of 1948, the Israelis successfully used Biblical examples
of battle strategy in defence of their State when the Syrians attempted to
invade.  In December, 1948, soldiers discovered in the Negev an ancient road
mentioned in the Bible, which enabled Israel to deal with Egyptians harassing
the Israeli settlements; and the war ended soon thereafter.
In the rehabilitation of the Land, the Bible has helped the Israelis
decide what kinds of trees to plant.  Abraham first planted a tamarisk tree
in Beersheba (Gen. 21:33 R.V.), and the Israelis have found the tamarisk to
be one of the few trees that thrives in the south where yearly rainfall is
less than six inches.
(A. M. F. Monthly and The Midnight Cry).
The reader may, possibly, question the right to consider this term in a
volume dealing expressly with prophecy, for prophecy deals with 'things to
come'.  That is quite true.  The only justification for its presence here is
that there are some systems of teaching that read Ephesians 1:4 somewhat as
'According as He hath chosen us in Him, Before the Setting Up of His
World Order (on the earth)'.
This interpretation is not new, it was advanced to the present writer
some forty years ago by a Christadelphian student, and the reader, who may
have met with it recently, may be interested to read our reaction to this
interpretation and consider the Scriptural reasons given for its rejection.
This verse is lifted out from Ephesians, explained, translated and
interpreted, without the slightest recognition of the cogent fact that the
words translated 'before the foundation of the world' occur in two other
parts of Scripture.  It matters not whether the omission be due to ignorance
or whether evidence is being suppressed, such omission is unworthy of a
Christian teacher.  The two other references are: