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will equate the seventh day or the Sabbath, and the seventh month when the
old year will have run its course.
The Fig Tree, and All the Trees (Luke 21:29)
Luke 21:24 associates the treading down of Jerusalem, with the times of
the Gentiles, and Daniel 2:44; 7:24 and Revelation 17:12 speak of ten kings
that are yet to arise in association with the Antichristian Beast at the time
of the end.  The following extract from The Midnight Cry, April 1956, may be
of service:
'Before the world can be divided into ten confederations, it is
understandable why empires such as France, England, Portugal, etc. must
first be stripped of their far -flung territories and possessions.
France alone has already lost Syria, Lebanon and Indo -China.  A new
brand of nationalism has been created for the underlying purpose of
promoting internationalism.  Antiimperialism is but the means used to
destroy the old imperialism that a new kind of imperialism may take its
The King of the South
'The formation of the next world kingdom, according to the order of
prophecy is first the manifestation of the ten horns or ten kings of
ten confederations, and afterwards the appearance of the little horn or
emperor which is the anti -Christ (Dan. 7:8,20,24).  This, we might
add, is a reversal of the order of history.  For a would -be Caesar
always first stood up as a great prince or warrior, and after bringing
the nations under his control through conquest, was made emperor.
'Regional "defence" organisations now springing up on every
side, not only for mutual defence, but to promote co -operation in
cultural, economic and political affairs between member nations of the
respective organisations, mark preparations being made in advance for
the revelation of the world king, the Man of Sin.
'The king of the south, one of these ten horns, generally has been
interpreted as the king of Egypt, but it now becomes apparent that his
realm will include the whole of North Africa.  This king will prove to
be an insubordinate member of the world organisation, for we read in
Daniel that the one who shall obtain the kingdom, i.e., become the
universal king (see Rev. 6:1,2) shall repeatedly stir up his power and
his courage against the king of the south.  Likewise the latter shall
be stirred up against him to battle with a great and mighty army, but
shall eventually be defeated with disastrous results for Egypt and all
those countries confederated with her (Dan. 11:25,29,40,42 -- cf. Ezek.
30:1 -8).  The king of the south is therefore one of the three horns
that shall be plucked up by the roots (Heb. houghed or cut down).
'The night is dark; but the sure Word of prophecy shines as a lamp,
shedding light on world events to all who will take heed thereto.  And
in this we do well, says the Scriptures, "until the day dawn, and the
day star arise in your hearts"' (2 Pet. 1:19).
We make two comments here: