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INJURIOUS. This is an A.V. translation of the Greek hubristes and `injurious' is not
strong enough in modern English. The equivalent today would be insolent or insulting,
the conduct of a bully (I Tim. 1: 13). This is the Apostle Paul's description of himself
before the grace of God saved him.
INQUISITION.  The word is often linked in the mind with persecution and torture
because of the Inquisition of the 13th century in Spain set up by Pope Innocent III for the
suppression of heresy and punishment of so-called heretics. But its normal meaning is
`inquiry', specially of judicial investigation. "The judges shall make diligent inquisition"
(Deut. 19: 18), that is, they shall inquire diligently. In Esther 2: 23, "when inquisition
was made of the matter" means, "when the affair was investigated".
pp. 119, 120
INSTANT, INSTANTLY.  In the A.V. these words do not refer to time but to the
manner of an action. The Jewish elders besought the Lord to heal the servant of the
centurion. "They besought Him instantly", means "they besought Him earnestly". Paul,
in Acts 26: 6, 7 declares that the twelve tribes "instantly serve God day and night". In
modern English "they earnestly serve (or worship) day and night".
INTELLIGENCE. In Dan. 11: 30 we read the `vile person' will `have intelligence
with them that forsake the holy covenant'. This means `have an understanding with' or
`give heed to'. In Dan. 11: 37 the Hebrew word is translated `regard'.
INWARD.  In Job 19: 19 we have `all my inward friends abhorred me'. In the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the word `inward' meant intimate, belonging to the
inner circle of one's friends. Job is lamenting that even his closest friends had deserted
KNOP is an old word for the bud of a flower or an ornamental knob. It is used in the
description of the golden lampstand in Exod. 25: 31-36; 37: 17-22, which Bezaleel
made under the direction of Moses.