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p. 240
HOLPEN. This word is the old past participle of `help'. From the 14th to the 17th
century it was also spelled `holpe' or `holp' and these were gradually displaced by
`helped'. The A.V. uses both `holpen' and `helped' in about equal numbers. In Mary's
Magnificat we have the rendering "He hath holpen His servant Israel" in which the Book
of Common Prayer had influenced the A.V. translators. In Tyndale's first translation he
used `holpen' (1525) in Luke 1: 54, but he rejected it in his final edition (1534) and used
`helped'. No English version previous to the A.V. used `holpen'. The Great Bible and
the Bishop's Bible had `helped' in this context. We should remember that Tyndale's
Version greatly influenced the translators of our A.V. as did the Prayer Book.
HONEST  occurs seven times in the N.T. not as the opposite to deceit, but in the
sense of honourable, noble, worthy of honour. "Having your conversation honest among
the Gentiles", means, "maintain honourable conduct among the Gentiles" and this is its
meaning in II Cor. 8: 21; 13: 7; Phil. 4: 8 and Rom. 12: 17.