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He has Spoken Well of Us
pp. 159, 160
Eph. 1: 3 is a well known and much beloved verse of Scripture to the members of the
Body of Christ. It calls for blessing of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the
One Who "blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ"
(R.V.). What is fully involved in "every spiritual blessing" may at present be far beyond
our understanding, but it is very often helpful to consider the literal meaning of words,
and it is worthwhile here.
Three related words are used in this verse, all of which have the root idea "to speak
well of". They are:
"Blessed (eulogetos) be the God and Father . . . . .
Who hath blessed (eulogeo) us
with every spiritual blessing (eulogia) . . . . ."
Eulogetos is used only of God in the N.T. and reminds us that praise is due to Him as
Creator (Rom. 1: 25), as well as because of these "spiritual blessings", which call forth
"spiritual songs" (Eph. 5: 19).  The greatest such song ever to be written is probably
Eph. 1: 3-14 itself, and in it we praise Him (as did the Psalms of old) by recalling the
grace bestowed upon us in Christ.  In this way the "redeemed of the Lord say so"
(Psalm 107: 1, 2).
Eulogeo, as used here, gives the ground for our praise of Him--He "spoke well of
us", whilst eulogia answers the question, How?--"in every spiritual eulogy".
But can it be that God has spoken well of us? Dare we use such a word as `eulogy' in
this connection? Certainly not if the word is seen as referring to any qualities we possess,
for what is there in us of which "to speak well"? But the verse has not yet been fully
". . . . . Who spoke well of us in every spiritual eulogy in the heavenly places in Christ."
There is truly nothing to call forth His well speaking of us--except "in Christ".
Indeed, we cannot read far into this epistle without being constantly confronted by such
phrases as "in Christ", "in Him", "in the Beloved". God can only speak well of us in
Him, and has done so according as He has bestowed upon us such abundant grace and