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His Kindness Towards Us
p. 100
The blessings and position of the members of the Body of Christ so far transcend the
ordinary experiences of life, that we might well fear being overwhelmed by it all.
"Blessed with every spiritual blessing . . . . . made to sit together in heavenly places . . . . .
builded together for an habitation of God"; these expressions which are at present
beyond our ability to fully comprehend, and yet they intimately concern our future
(Eph. 1: 3; 2: 6, 22). Are we going to be lost in the wonder and immensity of it all? Is it
going to be just a bit too much to us? Happily, Scripture assures us that such will not be
In Eph. 2: 7 we read of God's intentions towards us in "the ages to come", and they
are expressed in the lovely word "kindness". There is no thought that the extent of His
grace will leave us either overwhelmed or uncomfortable. We are dealing with One
described as "The Father" and associated with "every family" (Eph. 3: 14, 15 R.V); the
environment is that of the home, and the atmosphere "kindness". None will feel out of
place here. Such blessing and assurance are associated with an abundance of God's
grace, and represent the third step of a progression in grace revealed in Ephesians:
His grace . . . chosen . . . predestinated . . . before the foundation of the world.
Riches of His grace . . . redemption . . . forgiveness . . . (now).
Exceeding riches of His grace . . . kindness . . . in the ages to come (Eph. 1: 4-7; 2: 7).
We may not yet fully appreciate the blessings given us "in Christ Jesus", not be able to
conceive of "heavenly places". We may hardly be able to believe the extent of God's
grace toward us, such unworthy creature, but this we can grasp. His "kindness" towards
us in Christ Jesus is an assurance that, in the ages to come, we will not be overawed, but
feel completely at home in His presence.