The Berean Expositor
Volume 43 - Page 5 of 243
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Sing we now the happy tidings,
God's good news about His Son.
Promised in the Holy Writings,
He the mighty task has done.
Woman's Seed so long predicted,
Who should bruise the serpent's head.
He the fatal blow inflicted,
Rose in triumph from the dead.
He Who took the seed of David,
Was as God's own Son proclaimed.
Power of God to sinners saved.
Though by sinners still defamed.
Now in risen power and glory,
Yet on earth to be adored.
Israel shall bow down before Thee--
David's Son and David's Lord.
Blessed gospel of salvation,
Who of such would be ashamed?
Power of God in every nation,
Where the gospel is proclaimed.
Righteousness of God revealed,
Faith its source and faith its goal.
He is faithful, and has sealed
All whose faith has made them whole.