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The Gospel of God (Rom. 1: 1)
Things that be of God.
The Gospel of God (Rom. 1: 1).
pp. 179, 180
Recognizing as we must, that the Epistle to the Romans is not milk for babes, but
indeed strong meat for the man of God, it is most important to note that, in the very
first verse of this fundamental epistle, the Apostle places "The Gospel of God", and not
only so, but when in chapter 16: he closes this epistle with a reference to "The mystery,
kept in silence in age times", he nevertheless relates this advanced doctrine with what he
there calls `my Gospel' (Rom. 16: 25-27). These two sections have a correspondence
which it is wise to observe:
The Inner Section
The Outer Section
Rom. 16: 25-27
Rom. 1: 1-7
The Gospel of God.
My Gospel.
Concerning His Son Jesus Christ.
The preaching of Jesus Christ.
Promised afore by Prophets.
Through prophetic writings.
Grace from God our Father.
Praise to everlasting God.
The great theme of this Epistle is summed up in the words "Justification by faith,
without works of law". The fact that there is an overruling theme in this epistle must be
kept in mind. However deep or high, however intricate, whether doctrinal, dispensational
or practical in character, it is the Gospel of God. In these brief articles we are confining
ourselves to the "Things that be of God" and it is "The Gospel of God" that awaits us on
the very threshold.