The Berean Expositor
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II Peter 1: 16 - 21.
A | 16-. What the Apostle's witness was NOT. "Cunningly devised fables."
B | -16, 17-. What it WAS. "Honour and glory."
C | -17, 18. HOW it CAME. "The voice from heaven."
B | 19. What the Prophetic Word IS. "A light, till the day dawn."
A | 20. What it is NOT. "Not of its own unfolding."
C | 21. HOW it CAME. "Moved by the Holy Ghost."
In this opening argument we have similar features that are re-stated or amplified in
chapter 3:
The Second Coming of Christ.
The charge made `cunningly devised fables'.
The testimony of apostle and prophet.
The introductory phrase `knowing this first'.
In II Pet. 3: we have:
The Second Coming of Christ.
The scoffers' charge `where is the promise of His coming?'.
The testimony of prophets and apostles.
The introductory phrase `knowing this first'.
To piece together the complete structure in all its details would take us too long and is
not necessary for our present purpose. The following abridged outline will be all that is
required to demonstrate the scope of the epistle and particularly the correspondence that
exists between II Pet. 1: 16-21 & 3: 2, 3 and II Pet. 2: 1-22 with 3: 3-13.  If this is
realized, we shall have reached the first step in our enquiry. We draw special attention to
the two words `overthrow' katastrophe and `overflow' katakluzo, and the correspondence
established between the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, with the dissolution of the