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God has declared He will extend to us through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
God goes to the length of applying to us, who can understand and accept this
offer, the word charitoo translated `made us accepted'. The word charitoo occurs
in only one other N.T. passage, namely Luke 1: 28 when the angel greets the
Virgin Mary with the words:
"Hail, thou that art highly favoured among women."
Here is a booklet that sets forth some of these inestimable blessings.
WISDOM HUMAN AND DIVINE.--Universities and scholastic attainments
produce the attitude of mind in many a young man and woman, that, having
investigated the conclusions of ancient and not so ancient philosophers, they feel
they would support those who can do without God, because `after all you can't
prove God exists'. In this booklet however, the conclusions of ancient thinkers
such as Plato and Aristotle are reviewed, with the quest that they all had in
common. The treatment is challenging and most interesting, and throws much
light on the background of John's Gospel. Again you find a booklet designed to
evoke a response from a certain grade of character or learning.
TRUE FROM THE BEGINNING.--A booklet that reviews the Bible, not as a
production of man, reliable in parts, but as one harmonious whole and fully
inspired by God. The Lord, mark you the risen Lord, in Luke 24: 25-27,
beginning at Moses and all the prophets expounded unto His disciples in all the
Scriptures the things concerning Himself and set His seal upon that inspiration
and truth. Consideration of testimony such as this, structures, numerics, and
archaeological evidence, etc., are carefully weighed and clearly presented. Here
is food for the sceptic and the man with a problem.
THE TEMPLE OF TRUTH.--Beside the apocryphal books of the O.T. it is
known that there were many spurious writings about our Lord's life and early
childhood. We say spurious, but how in those early years was our present N.T.
collection finally fixed? We believe God intervened to ensure only the writings
that He had inspired and thought necessary for our learning and guidance were
included. The Canon of Scripture then, that is the agreed collection, one might
expect to show the same perfect construction as the text of the Bible itself. This
little leaflet demonstrates just this, and provides an added proof of our Father's
hand in the Word of Truth.
The members of the Trust are here to support your witness by literature, your fellow
readers by their prayers and donations. May you receive all guidance and blessing in
your fellowship with us in seeking to make known the Truth committed to our charge.