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The articles for this issue of the magazine have overrun their allotted span and so your
distribution secretary has been promoted to use these two pages! My position in the
centre of the production and distribution of literature supplies me by correspondence
received, with an overall picture of the spiritual needs of people and, to some extent, the
fruit discovered by those who seek to pass on the precious truths they have made their
In conversing with friends and chance acquaintances, common experience finds the
Bible accepted only in parts or misused or misunderstood. To demonstrate that all the
Bible is inspired, and to show the virtues of Right Division and the implications of
Dispensational Truth, require many hours with the person in question and the Open
Book. Many of us, and I speak for myself, find difficulty in speaking convincingly and
clearly. Proof texts are not always at our finger tips. Whilst these are drawbacks which
we should ever endeavour to remove, yet out witness should not wait for the eloquence of
Apollos. It is here at this point that the literature provided by the Trust can come to our
Apart from the wonderful expository volumes on specific books such as Just and the
Justifier, there are booklets to meet error and difficulties; among these are:
THE RECONCILIATION OF ALL THINGS.--Some teach that God is love and
will eventually reconcile all men to Himself. God has said: "My thoughts are not
your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways" (Isa. 55: 8). We need to look
closely at what God has said on the subject. While it is not our province to judge
the unbeliever, we need to hold fast to and proclaim the clear positive statements
God has recorded regarding the means of grace and our salvation. This booklet
has been written to meet many objections that have been raised.
eternal torment as the end of sinners is a belief which is widely held and for many
today is a spur to the conversion of souls. The booklet follows the usual method
of Mr. Welch in collecting all the terms used for Hell and other terms related to
the judgment and the destination of sinners, and demonstrating their true usage
and implications from other passages of Scripture and the use of the Greek
equivalent in the Septuagint.
ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED.--Here is a book, not so much for the
unbeliever as for the one who has not realized the amazing provision God has
planned for us in His Son. What we could never hope for from our own efforts,