The Berean Expositor
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"His love in time past
"Here I'll raise my Eben-ezer
Forbids me to think
Hither by Thy grace I'm come,
He'll leave me at last
And I trust in Thy good pleasure
In trouble to sink.
Safely to arrive home.
Each fresh Eben-ezer
Christ did seek me, when a stranger
He brings in review,
Without hope, or peace or God;
Confirms His good pleasure
And to rescue me from danger
To help me right through."
Interposed His precious blood."
This day of mingled grief and joy was the end of a pilgrimage. The hitherto of the
past and of GRACE, anticipates the henceforth of future and of GLORY.
We stand in an interval, a few beats of slow and quiet music, before the Hallelujah
chorus becomes inevitable and bursts forth in praise.  This waiting time is of
unapproachable and almost unbelievable security, HID with CHRIST in GOD. The day
approaches when this body of humiliation shall be transfigured like unto His body of
glory (Phil. 3: 21) the henceforth.
Paul knew this `henceforth' saying:
"I have fought a good fight,
I have finished my course,
I have kept the faith, HENCEFORTH . . . . ." (II Tim. 4: 7, 8).
The crown laid up for him would not be received until `that day', but the waiting time
would be to him as nothing.
We who are left and allowed a little further time and opportunity to serve, gather
courage from what we have learned at this solemn meeting. May we too keep the faith
unsullied, undiluted, rightly divided, and Christ honouring, and may we too:
"Live . . . . . looking for that blessed hope" (Titus 2: 12, 13).