The Berean Expositor
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time of his commission as the prisoner of Jesus Christ for us Gentiles this mystery had
been hid from ages and from generations, but "now" when the dispensational change took
place consequent upon Israel's blindness, this Mystery and its calling were "made
manifest to His saints". It was in view of this trust that the Apostle asked for the prayers
of the Colossians on his behalf, that God would open a door of utterance, to speak the
mystery of Christ, for which, said he, "I am also in bonds, that I may make it manifest, as
I ought to speak" (Col. 1: 25, 26; 4: 3, 4). These references are limited to the initial
revelation of the truth of the Mystery, but a future manifestation must yet be made before
those who are blessed under its terms can enter into their inheritance. This time, it is not
the Mystery that was "hid" but the life of the believer, and that life will not be manifested
until Christ Himself, and His Church with Him, shall be manifested in glory.
Other dispensations and other callings have other phases of the One great hope in
harmony with their respective callings. Some shall inherit the earth, and the word
parousia "coming" is constantly employed to designate this phase of the hope. Some
partake of the heavenly calling, and look for that city which hath foundations, the words
parousia and apocalypse are employed to describe their hope. Some will meet the Lord
"in the air", some will see Him when He descends upon the Mount of Olives, but the
church of the Mystery, in keeping with their high calling, will find their sphere of
blessing to be "heavenly places" "far above all" and so will be "manifested with Him
How far the distinctions of present callings will be perpetuated into what we call
"eternity" is not revealed, and it is idle for us to speculate. It cannot be conceived that
"life" so abundant, so glorious, provided at such cost, and manifested in such a sphere, is
not destined for high and holy service. Let us, as we cast our mind back over the
"reckonings" that started with the Cross and now by faith contemplate the consummating
"reality" in the glory, realize that all life's experiences may be sanctified and blessed as
we press on to that wondrous day when we shall be WITH Him and LIKE Him, and that
for ever.