The Berean Expositor
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numbered among the "reasoners" who explain away the Truth of God, let us rejoice in the
fact that at salvation the mind has been "renewed" and whether in testifying to others, or
reading for ourselves, the things believed (like the offering of our bodies), must be
reasonable (logikos) service. Less than this dishonours both God and man who was made
in the image of his Maker.
Some logical particles.
pp. 238 - 241
We have seen that in the quest for "sense", the mind advances from sense impressions
to reason by the aid of memory. We have seen that to "reason out of Scriptures" was an
outstanding characteristic of Paul's ministry, and we should strenuously resist any
attempt by a teacher of the authoritarian school (the school so contrary to the Berean
spirit) to intimidate us by a disproportionate emphasis upon the failure of human reason
to arrive at the truth.
As a supplement to the study of Paul's manner which occupied our space in
article No.5, we devote the present article to an examination of some of the logical
particles which of themselves imply a reasoning faculty, and which are of such frequent
and pointed occurrence in his writings.