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found a handle wherewith to rob him of his commission and us of the gospel of free
grace, and so the chapter ends with the simple yet full words:
"And they glorified God in me."
"Not for an hour."  Paul in the Arena (2: 1 - 14).
pp. 213 - 218
After the very thorough defence which the apostle has put up in the first chapter, one
might have reasonably expected that he would have proceeded forthwith to the exposition
of the great doctrine which was at stake, namely "Justification by Faith". This, however,
does not come into prominence until we reach Gal. 2: 15, and a further series of historic
happenings that have the independence of Paul and his gospel as their central theme are
brought before us. From other epistles we know how foreign it was to Paul's spiritual
nature to appear to boast, and how reluctant he was to say anything derogatory to the
character of another servant of the Lord. Yet in the section now before us, he shows
quite plainly that the church to-day owes, humanly speaking, the full gospel of grace to
his lone stand against the prevailing views of many in authority, and not only so, but he
shows as in marked contrast with his own loyal stand, the defection of Peter and
Barnabas and a company of Jewish believers who were associated with Peter. If we seek
a word to justify such an exposure and such a record, we shall find it in the one word
"gospel". If it had been a matter of defending his own personal honour, Paul would have
suffered in silence; but silent he could not be when the very "truth of the gospel" was
at stake.
The structure of Gal. 2: 1-14 is so lucid, so transparent and so clearly puts the
apostle's argument before the eye, that we shall be doing a disservice to the truth by
holding it back from the reader another moment.
Galatians 2: 1 - 14.
A | 1, 2. | a | PAUL goes to Jerusalem for the faith.
b | BARNABAS stands fast with him.
B  | 3-5.  |  c | Titus a Greek not compelled.
d | Paul's stand for THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL.
C  |  6-10.  |  e | Seemed to be somewhat.
f | Nothing added to me.
g | Gospel to Circumcision.--PETER.
g | Gospel to Uncircumcision.--PAUL.
e | Seemed to be pillars.
f | Only . . . remember the poor.
A | 11-13. | a | PETER comes to Antioch, faith overthrow.
b | BARNABAS carried away.
B  |  14. |
d | Peter's walk against THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL.
c | Gentiles compelled to Judaize.