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responsible for three only, and of these three, once only is the word used of Paul himself,
and that in the passage before us.
At Antioch in Galatia he had used the word of the unbelieving Jews--"Behold ye
despisers, and wonder, and perish" (Acts 13: 41), and now, to his astonishment he sees
the believing company at the same place, following rapidly the same disastrous course.
The apostle's astonishment was not only that the Galatians had been "removed", but
that the removal had been so rapid. The translation of tacheos by "so soon" or "quickly"
seems to demand some datum line from which to reckon it. Some commentators say "so
soon after conversion", others "so soon after the apostle's visit", yet others, "so soon after
the advent of the false teachers". Bloomfield's translation is probably nearer to the
apostle's intention, for he, together with a few ancient and modern commentators,
understand the word to mean "hastily", "precipitately", "inconsiderately", and Paul is
seen marveling, as it were, at a spiritual landslide.
The main structure of this section is simple:
A | 6. The defection "moved away" (metatithemi).
B | 6. The grace of Christ.
C | 6, 7. The "other" gospel (heteros).
A | 7. The perversion "turned away" (metastrepho).
B | 7. The gospel of Christ.
C | 8-10. The "different" gospel (par ho).
The members C and C allow of an expansion, thus:
C | 6, 7. The "other" gospel (heteros).
a | Not another (allos).
b | Some that trouble you.
C | 8-10. The "different" gospel (par ho).
a | We, or an angel.
b | Preached (past).
c | We preached (we).
d | Let him be anathema.
a | If anyone.
b | Preachers (present).
c | Ye received (Ye).
d | Let him be anathema.
a | Do I obey God?
b | Do I seek to please men?
b | If I yet pleased men.
a | I should not be servant of Christ.