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immortal soul, lie that we are living in the 1000 years, &100: What patience has God also
in this respect."
The next letter, of which extracts are given, was received from Mr. S. Van Mierlo,
then residing in Antwerp, and written in 1926,
"I have received `Dispensational Truth' and the first volume of the Berean with much
profit. Some things I had already learned to some degree, but much has appeared in a
better light and I found also many things which I had not yet noticed. A careful study
makes the Word always more valuable to the student.  On the other hand one is
sometimes afraid to open his mouth or to write a line because this pure truth is so
easily distorted. No human being can touch it without defiling it to some degree. But
it also appears necessary to correct so much obviously false teaching distributed since
2000 years. I appreciate very much your continuous effort, made in God's strength, to
come nearer and nearer the truth and to break through tradition and human theories. I
join my prayer to that of Paul: `That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of
glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.'
I will send you back to-morrow your copy of `Dispensational Truth' and thank you
very much for your kindness. I noticed a printer's fault p.120 (11:6 instead of 12:6).
When you find a moment could you give me the address of the Dutch reader you
mentioned during my visit? I could correspond with him and see what can be done to
print something about the Church in Dutch.
The booklet I had prepared is not yet printed, the publisher did not find it of
commercial interest (of course!). May be that I will have it printed in Antwerp and take
care myself of the distribution. If the number of readers is sufficient we could then try to
issue a small monthly paper and make use of your articles in the Berean."
The two brethren whose letters have been quoted, commenced in 1920 a magazine
devoted to the exposition of Scripture with particular reference to the Dispensation of the
Mystery and allied subjects. It was entitled "Uit de Schriften" meaning "Out of the
Scriptures", and it has been revived after a period of interruption caused by the war, and
is now in its twenty-second volume.  Readers who are conversant with the Dutch
language and who would like to get into touch can do so by writing to the Administrator,
Schipbeckstraat 17, Amsterdam, Z.
In 1930 the Editor paid a visit to Antwerp and Holland and we believe the following
extracts from the report of that visit, will be of interest.
We feel sure that our readers will be glad to have a few particulars of the
Lord's work in Holland, and we trust that prayer and praise will follow the
perusal of the following note. Some twenty years ago Dr. Bullinger visited
Germany and Holland, and found a handful of believers who were rejoicing with
him in the unfolding of the Mystery. The Berean Expositor found a few readers
also at that time among them being Heer O. a de Grube, whose fellowship we
have enjoyed at last, after all these years. The work however was small and years
went by without much growth. Then some few years ago letters began to come