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Less Than the Least
Treasure in Earthen Vessels.
The Witness for the Mystery in Holland.
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In the last article of this series, the brother who had suffered so for the truth in
South Africa referred to Mr. Van Mierlo. This reference introduces another overseas
link that is very precious to us.
Two brethren G. T. Pauptit and S. Van Mierlo, one living in Holland and the other
in Antwerp began to correspond in connection with the teaching of the Mystery. First we
give a few extracts from letters of Mr. G. T. Pauptit, written between 1919 and 1924.
"Sir, a friend of mine called my attention to The Berean Expositor. I began to read it
and thought your explanation very beautiful. I was eager to read all the volumes, but
Volumes II, III, IV were out of print. By Mr. Brininger's brotherly kindness however
we (my friend and I) have read his volumes and so we were able to follow all your
expositions. Especially those on the One Body I think striking. I also read your book
`Dispensational Truth'. (It is a pity that is out of print). It has delivered me from all
orthodoxism, thank God! I wrote you this to show you, that your work is not in vain, but
that even in foreign countries it is blessed. Though I differ in some respects with you on
account of the One Body I agree in all with you. You see the truth in this so sharp as I
never saw developed in any writing or heard from one theologist. Happily God gives
willingly of the spirit. He may enable you to open many eyes.
I have read The Berean Expositor as far as Volume X and now I have also ordered
the other volumes. I have in following your papers, now better understood the relation of
Philippians to Ephesians, and seen that the latter shows the believer's position (standing)
in Christ, the former his walk.
God has given you much light in His Scriptures. In a wonderful way He led me to
The Berean Expositor.  I hope He may strengthen you further to accomplish your task
that it be to honour and glory of our Father in the heavenlies and His Son the Beloved.
The truth on the One Body is gradually spread in the Netherlands. Mr. Van Mierlo
of Anvers (Antwerp) well known to you, has written the book (The purpose of the ages
and the church of the mystery). It is sold rather well and opens the insight in the `new
doctrine'. We hope truth will proceed on. As for myself--I have some works ready for
the press.
We (Mr. Van Mierlo and I) now intend to edit a magazine, beginning 1920 to expose
regularly the truth on the One Body, &100: It asks much preparation but it seems as if God
leads the way in this direction.
As for your work, we see that at several places in England there are meetings where
you speak. So truth seems to keep its course. How much tradition has spoiled. On every
side lies. Lie that Israel has no future, lie that there is one church, lie--that man has an