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Crown and Prize (2: 1 - 13).
pp. 14 - 17
The reader may remember that, appearing in the structure (Volume XXXI, page 130)
as three corresponding pairs, there are three great topics that run through this epistle:
FORSAKEN.--1: 8-18 and 4: 9-18;
CROWN.--2: 1-13 and 3: 10 - 4: 8;
APPROVED, or DISAPPROVED.--2: 14-26 and 3: 1-9.
We have seen that, although forsaken by most of those who should have stood by him,
the Apostle is nevertheless not ashamed, because the Lord was his Keeper. Moreover,
we have seen that though the outlook was indeed black, there were mitigating elements,
not the least being the "refreshing" ministry of Onesiphorus. On the whole, however, this
great opening section is painted in somber colours. Timothy is told that, if he is to endure
the pressure of those persecuting days he will need all the grace that is at his disposal.
Consequently the second great section of the epistle, while using figures that emphasize
labour, suffering and endurance, introduces the encouragement of reward and crown.
Most of our readers are acquainted with the relationship of the four basic prison
epistles, but it may be useful to set out the relationship of Philippians with II Timothy,
so that we may the better appreciate the place that Prize and Crown occupy in the
doctrine of the mystery.
PHILIPPIANS. | Try the things that differ (1: 10 margin).
The Prize.
| Strive (1: 27).
| Press toward mark (3: 14).
| Not already perfect (teleioo) (3: 12).
| Prize (3: 14).
| Depart (1: 23).
| Offered (2: 17).
Rightly divide the Word (2: 15).
The Crown.
Strive (2: 5).
Course finished (4: 7).
Finished (teleo) (4: 7).
Crown (4: 8).
Depart (4: 6).
Offered (4: 6).
There can be no reasonable doubt that these epistles form a pair, just as surely as do
Ephesians and Colossians. Apart from other distinguishing features, the words "Depart"
and "Offered" are enough evidence of the fact, for these words do not occur in any other
of Paul's epistles.