The Berean Expositor
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citizenship, but it is one which has nothing to do with the New Jerusalem: not nations
nor angels are subservient to it, but principalities and powers. To this company pertains
the adoption associated with this sphere, and Christ, as the Firstborn from the dead, is its
Head, each believer of the company forming a member of the Church which is His body.
As this highest of all callings is the subject of a secret that goes back before the
overthrow of the world (Gen. 1: 2), so it goes up beyond the "firmament that was called
heaven" which spans the ages, and finds its sphere in the super-heavens; those heavens
of Gen. 1: 1 which remain unmoved by the ebb and flow of time, sin, death, or
dispensation change.
If any item in this summary can be challenged, then let us patiently re-examine the
Scriptures. If it cannot, then no contention about the question of huperano can influence
the matter one way or another.
We apologize to all readers who needed no repeated arguments to convince them of
the glorious fact of their super-heavenly calling, and who have themselves realized the
shallowness of the criticism that has been leveled against it. For any who may mistake
bombast for argument and superficial wordlists for proof, we are profoundly concerned,
and if we have but induced any such to halt and to act as true "Bereans" we shall not have
used our space and time in vain.