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Abraham's Bosom.
p. 143
In Luke 16: 22 and 23, the Lord speaks of Lazarus being carried by the angels to
Abraham's bosom. The Rabbinical teaching speaks of three states after death, for the
" `He shall be as a tree planted by the rivers of waters'.  This is
Abraham, whom God took, and planted in the land of Israel: or whom God
took and planted in the garden of Eden."
"When our master Moses departed into the garden of Eden, he said unto
Joshua, etc., etc." (Midrash Tillin, and Temurah).
In chapter 10: of Avoth R. Nathan is a long story of how the angel of
death failed to take away the soul of Moses, so that
"God taketh hold of him Himself, and treasureth him up under the throne
of glory", adding, a little after, that "the souls of other just persons also are
reposited under the throne of glory."
This phrase is met in the writings of the Talmudists. Levi speaks of
Rabbi Judah as being "in Abraham's bosom". Josephus in his discourse on
Hades writes:
"There is one descent into this region . . . . . they are conducted down by
angels . . . . . guided to the right hand . . . . . wait for that rest and eternal
new life in heaven. This place we call The Bosom of Abraham."
In contrast with all this tradition, the Saviour said: "If they hear not Moses and the
Prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead" (Luke 16: 31).
Where, in Moses and the Prophets, is there anything approaching the Rabbinical tradition
quoted here?