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Professor Virchow of Berlin writes:
"The attempt to find the transition from the animal to man has ended in failure. The
middle link has not been found and never will be. Evolution is all nonsense. It cannot be
proved from science that man descended from the ape or any other animal."
The newspaper reports of the British Association Meeting in 1931 make interesting
reading, especially when we remember how strongly some sections of the press have
supported evolution in the past. Two extracts are given below.
The famous theory of evolution lacks proof. We have been told that evolution has
destroyed chapters in the Old Book. That explanation does not now suffice. We are as
ignorant as we were seventy years ago.
(The Daily Express)."
The words in italics are the statement of Professor D'Arcy Thompson.
The Daily Telegraph had a leading article entitled "Evolution Overdone", in which the
following passage occurred:
"The immoderate evolutionists . . . . . sometimes made nonsense of the theory they
exalted. It has partly been a case of `Save me from my friends'."
"Nonsense" said Dr. Etheridge! "Nonsense" said Professor Virchow!! "Nonsense"
said the Editor of the Daily Telegraph!!! It would have been neither courteous nor wise
for a layman in the realm of science to use the word "nonsense" in connection with a
theory which is seriously entertained by men of standing, but it is certainly legitimate for
men like Dr. Etheridge and Professor Virchow and the Editor of The Daily Telegraph to
use this term if it represents their considered opinion--and the reader should remember it
when urged to give up the inspiration of the books of Moses.  "Not a particle of
evidence." "Not a shadow of scientific evidence." "It cannot be proved from science."
These are weighty judgments and should make us pause before coming to any hasty
Without dealing in any detail with the problems that arise out of this unproved theory,
we just mention a few points.
There is an impassable gulf between the living and the non-living, which only the
power of the Creator can bridge. Between the rock, and the living lizard that basks
in the sunshine upon it, there is a tremendous gulf, which evolution can never
Reptiles have cold blood between 40 and 60 degrees. Birds have hot blood,
ranging between 100 and 107 degrees. By what known or even imaginary process
did the cold-blooded reptile change into the hot-blooded bird, and how did it
manage to live throughout the "Laodicean" period of its existence?
Reptiles have a three-chambered heart. Birds have a four-chambered heart. How
was the transition accomplished?