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the difference between the beginning, and the end is that "In the beginning God" (All in
Himself); and at the end, "God All in All" (God and His redeemed people).
#11.  "After His Kind" or
Creation versus Evolution (Gen. 1:, 2:).
pp. 205 - 210
The nature and purpose of our studies in the Word of God preclude the consideration
of many subjects that are both attractive in themselves and in some ways useful. For
example, such subjects as Astronomy, Geology and Biology are closely allied to the
theme of Gen. 1: and 2:, but they demand specialized training, and are, after all, outside
our own particular sphere. There is one point of view, however, accepted by modern and
popular science, that we must consider before leaving these early chapters of Genesis,
and that is the current theory of evolution. We speak of evolution as a theory, not
slightingly but justly, for the scientist should accept nothing that is not capable of
demonstration or proof. The most ardent advocate of evolution would admit that this
process has never been either "demonstrated" or "proved". It is unreasonable, therefore,
to expect the believer in Christ quietly to remove the very foundation of his faith, simply
because a popular theory is for the moment uppermost in the scientific world. How many
theories have had their little day and ceased to be, since Moses penned the sublime
opening of the Book of Genesis! How many more theories may be propounded before
we "know even as we are known" we cannot predict, but of one thing we can be
certain--that though heaven and earth will pass away, the Word written in the inspired
Scriptures will stand for ever.
Those of us who are not scientists are apt to take the popular cry of the moment as
the authentic voice of authority, and it may therefore be of service for us to quote what
some of the men who are at the summit of their profession have said on the matter.
Dr. Etheridge of the British Museum, "one of the highest authorities in the world", has
"Nine tenths of the talk of the evolutionists is sheer nonsense, not founded upon
observation and wholly unsupported by facts. This museum is full of proofs of the utter
falsity of their views. In all this great museum, there is not a particle of evidence of the
transmutation of species."
Professor Beale, of King's College, London, says:
"There is no evidence that man has descended from, or is, or was, in any way specially
related to any other organism in nature, through evolution or by any other process. In
support of all naturalistic conjectures concerning man's origin, there is not, at this time,
a shadow of scientific evidence."