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remained stationary. It is only since the arrival of the Jews that the process has been
reversed.  The immigration of Arabs into the country from purely Arab territories
bordering Palestine is now continual and in many instances illegal."
"The real object of the attack on the Jews is Britain. The chief centres of disturbance
are places like Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem and Gaza, where there are no Jews.  The
insurgents are a minority. They have no backing from the Muslims. The strike costs
3,000 a day, yet Arab contributions amount only to 1,000. The total expenditure on
strike pay is estimated at 100,000. Where does the money come from? It is a point that
asks for consideration and enquiry. Communist agitation has played its part in arousing
on the Jews. The British troops have been subjected to subversive propaganda."
"To the Arab world has been assigned Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Transjordania and Arabia.
Why should anyone begrudge us a foothold in the country of our ancestors?"
Arab leaders are charging Dr. Chaim Weizmann with a breach of faith for publishing
at this stage of the dispute his copy of the Arab-Jewish Treaty of Friendship.
"Dr. Weizmann had not the courage to produce the document in Feisal's lifetime
because he knew it would instantly be discredited. The most Dr. Weizmann could do in
the past was to hint at its existence. Now Feisal is dead and cannot reply. If it is genuine
why did not the Jews produce the document to the Shaw Commission in 1929?"
Mr. Arthur Lourie, Political Secretary of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, writes in
reply to this charge:--
"May I point out that the full text of this treaty was published in the year 1924, many
years before King Feisal's death? It is to be found on pages 188-189 in Volume 3: of
`Documents of the Peace Conference of Paris' edited by David Hunter Miller (Legal
Adviser to the American Delegation to the Peace Conference)."
The question of the rightful ownership of "the Land" is destined to be a factor of
central importance in the controversy of the last days, and we can see even now the
gathering forces that are preparing for the final outburst.
The ships of Chittim (Dan. 11: 30).
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The Mediterranean Sea is destined to be the highway for the great conflict of nations
at the time of the end, with Palestine as the final battle-ground. Already there are
important developments in this region that are causing the rulers of the earth to think
If we take a map of the world and draw a line from London to Sydney in Australia, the
line will pass through North Italy, Palestine, Colombo and--very nearly--Singapore.
Since 1869 this line has ruled the strategy of the British Navy. A great change, however,
has come about in recent years. Italy has acquired possessions in Tripoli and, now that
the aeroplane is an important factor, this places Malta in a precarious position. At the