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"Should the Arabs obtain their independence, as asked in our report submitted to the
British Foreign Office on January 4, 1919, I agree to what was included in the Articles
herein, and should the slightest change or alteration take place I shall neither be
responsible nor obliged for any word and this treaty will be considered null and void and
of no consequence. Nothing whatsoever could asked of me."
These documents may prove to be of great historic interest later on as things develop,
and the close association of an actual "King of Babylon" with the affairs and fate of the
land of Israel must necessarily be of interest to all readers of the Scriptures.
In our next article we hope to give extracts from the reply made in the Sunday
Dispatch by the Rev. M. 50: Perlzwig, Director of Political Information of the Zionist
We make no comment. We have no political opinions to offer, either for or against.
We give these extract for what they are worth, as indicating a movement that we believe
will grow, until breaks out finally into the vast upheaval indicated by prophecy.
Palestine, Arab and Jew.
pp. 124, 125
In the previous article of this series, we quoted some of statements made by the
Secretary of the Arab party in The Sunday Dispatch. The same newspaper also provided
an opportunity for a Jewish leader, the Rev. M. 50: Perlzwig, Director of Political
Information of the Zionist Organization, to reply. The following is the short biographical
note given by The Sunday Dispatch:--
"For nearly 20 years a leader of British Zionism. Was elected an international leader
at the World Zionist Congress held at Lucerne last summer. Is chief of the Political
Information Department.  Graduated in History at London University and Oriental
Languages at Cambridge. Was an active member of the Cambridge Union and was made
a life-member of the committee. While an undergraduate he refused a request to stand as
parliamentary representative for Cambridgeshire.  He founded the Young Zionist
Movement. Is chairman of the World Union of Jewish Students and is a rabbi at the
largest synagogue in the British Empire."
The following are some extracts from the article concerned:--
"One of the worst mistakes is to regard this strife as an armed conflict between Jews
and Arabs. It is nothing of the sort. The Jews have all to lose and nothing to gain; above
all, they want peace to develop and expand their property and trade in Palestine. So
much Jewish capital is sunk in the country that it would be madness to want otherwise."
"The Arabs point to the immigration figures and say that the Jews are swamping them.
This charge cannot be substantiated by the facts. Since the war the Jewish population has
increased by 350,000, while the Arab population has increased by 393,000. Before the
coming of the British Mandate and the establishment of the Jewish National Home the
conditions were so bad that there was a continual Arab emigration and the population