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Shortly after work upon the revision of the A.V. was commenced in June 1870 "steps
were taken, under a resolution passed by both Houses of Convocation, for inviting the
co-operation of American Scholars; and eventually two committees were formed in
America, for the purpose of acting with the two English companies on the basis of the
Principles and Rules drawn up by the Committee of Convocation. The English Revisers
in their preface say: "We gratefully acknowledge their care, vigilance, and accuracy;
and we humbly pray that their labours and our own, thus happily united, may be
permitted to bear a blessing to both countries, and to all English speaking people
throughout the world."
The Revised Version.
p. 240
In this series we have endeavoured to let the Revised Version speak for itself, and its
merits have been evident to all who have any ability to judge. We must however not
leave the subject without an added word. We do not advocate that any should abandon
the A.V. for ordinary reading or for public ministry, and we do not do so ourselves. We
do however advocate the consultation of the Revised Version whenever the Word is
studied, but there are serious objections to the exclusive use of the R.V. that outweigh its
admitted merits.
We hope, in a subsequent series, to give the A.V. an opportunity of demonstrating its
value and worth. Moreover, there are one or two passages in the R.V. that raise serious
doubts in the mind of the reader. These we shall have to consider when dealing with the
special features and merits of the Authorized Version.