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#33.  Rom. 5: 12 - 8: 39.
Key-words:  The body.
pp. 204 - 208
The doctrine of Rom. 5:-8: is so vital to the subsequent teaching of the epistles of
the mystery, that we feel that every reasonable avenue must be explored that will yield
fuller and more accurate knowledge of the mind of the Spirit on this subject. Among the
subjects that by their frequency of occurrence and important bearing claim individual
attention are the following:--
Let us concentrate our attention for the moment upon the usage of the word "body",
for around this revolves much vital truth, and associated with it has sprung up a great deal
of false teaching.
When the epistle is being considered in the ordinary course of exposition we shall
receive instruction upon many vexed questions that relate to the body. For the moment
we are rather surveying the material, noticing what we may of its teaching in general, in
order to gather any light that may be shed upon the theme by the distribution of the
words, and the correspondence of passages.
Reading through the section Rom. 5: 12 - 8: 39 we find the body of the believer
mentioned seven times, and the body of Christ, as the representative of His people, once.
As we consider these eight occurrences more closely, we observe that the body is called
"mortal" twice, and that the verb, which strictly means, "put to death", is also used twice.
We are sufficiently acquainted with the wonderful structural basis of all Scripture to
regard these features as aids to our understanding, and when these corresponding
passages are placed in their proper position the following structure results:--
The eight references to the body.
Rom. 5: 12 - 8: 39.
A | 6: 6. The body of sin made inoperative.
B | 6: 12. Let not sin reign in your mortal body.
C | 7: 4. Put to death to the law by the body of Christ.
D | 7: 24. Who shall deliver me from this body of death?
A | 8: 10. The body indeed is dead by reason of sin.
B | 8: 11. He shall quicken your mortal bodies.
C | 8: 13. If ye through the Spirit do put to death the deeds of the body.
D | 8: 23. Waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body.
As we contemplate this handiwork of God, as we begin to realize the marvels of
inspiration, as we contemplate the progress of truth indicated here, from the cross to