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"What is man?"
The usage of "soul" in Gen. 1: and 2: considered.
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Readers of The Berean Expositor know that while all Scripture is our legitimate
province, the peculiar testimony of the dispensation of the mystery is our primary witness
and occupies the bulk of our available space. Such subjects, however, as the doctrine of
Scripture regarding sin, redemption, and the deity of Christ have necessarily claimed
our earnest attention. Among the doctrines that have been approached is that which deals
with the nature of man, and in Volume I appeared an article entitled: "What saith the
Scripture concerning the immortality of the soul?"  This article gave some of the
evidence of Scripture concerning the true nature of the soul, and shewed that such
expressions as "immortal soul" and "never-dying soul" are found nowhere in Scripture.
Since then, however, other themes have pressed for attention, and this important study
has been held over.
It is a sad fact that we are all liable to uncharitable judgments on our fellows, and,
lacking love, we oftentimes lack logic too; and some have not hesitated to affirm that,
because we do not believe in the immortality of the soul, we must necessarily endorse the
most extreme views of those materialistic and Unitarian teachers who happen to believe
the same thing as to the soul as we do. Our defence, however, will be in the prosecution
of our study in the true Berean spirit, and we therefore propose a more thorough
investigation than we have hitherto given of the scriptural teaching concerning the nature
of man.
The soul.
As Volume I is now obtainable (having been reprinted), we will not go over the
ground there covered, except to recapitulate for the sake of clearness. The following
quotations, we trust, will suffice to put the facts before us:--
"The word which the A.V. Old Testament has rendered "soul" is the Hebrew word
nephesh. Nephesh occurs 754 times in the Hebrew of the Old Testament. In the A.V.
and R.V. It is translated "soul" 472 times, whilst in the remaining 282 places it is
represented by 44 different words and phrases. The English word "soul" is in every
occurrence the rendering of the Hebrew nephesh, except in Job 30: 15 and Isa. 57: 16.
Turning to the New Testament we find that the word rendered "soul" is the Greek
word psuche. This word occurs in the A.V. 103 times; 58 times it is rendered "soul,"
40 times "life," 3 times "mind," once "heart," and once "heartily." No other word but
psuche is translated "soul" in the A.V. New Testament.
The reader is now in possession of the simple facts of the case; we have but to
examine these 857 passages, and we have a full, perfect, and authoritative statement by
the Creator and Redeemer of the soul of man as to its nature."