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The leading of the Lord.
p. 95
A--I have a friend, whose sincerity I do not doubt, who nevertheless causes me a certain
amount of questioning by reason of an expression which is continually in his mouth. It
seems that the one answer he makes to all things is: "I felt led", and no matter how
others may view his action, or what trouble it may bring in its train, "I felt led" seems to
be the beginning and the end of the matter. I should like a little talk on the subject if you
can spare the time.
B--It will not be very profitable to discuss your friend, for we have nothing certain to go
upon, but if you wish we could turn to the Word and gather some of its teaching upon the
subject. Now I suppose that before we go a step further we ought to make sure that the
idea of the Lord's leading is a scriptural fact.
A--Of that I have no doubt. One has but to remember Psalm 23: to establish that:
"He leadeth me beside the still waters . . . . . He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
for His name's sake."
B--You are right. Let us come to the first great type of the Lord's leading, namely,
the pillar of cloud that led His children Israel. What do you learn from that?
A--The thought that comes most forcibly to my mind is the association in Exod. 40:
between the ark, the mercy-seat, and the cloud: "So Moses finished the work. Then a
cloud covered the tent" (Exod. 40: 33-38).
B--The only criticism I have to make on your remark is that you have not gone back
far enough. The first appearance of the pillar of cloud is found in Exod. 13: 21. Here
you will find neither ark, mercy-seat, nor tabernacle. Here you have redemption, the
"way out", whereas in Exod. xl you have atonement, or the "way in". We have
therefore two presentations of the Lord's leading--one by reason of redemption, and one
by reason of restored fellowship. If we are the Lord's redeemed He will lead us whether
we realize it or not. It is part of the purchase of the blood of the Lamb.
(To be continued).