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p. 63
The following extract from a report published in The Daily Chronicle, of the sixth
Hailey Stewart Lecture, 1926, indicates the necessity for the believer to stand fast to the
teaching of Scripture concerning the keystone doctrine of the resurrection:--
Sir O. Lodge's confession.
Never visits his son's grave in France.
Death an adventure.
"I have never been to see my boy Raymond's grave in France. He has asked me not
to. He says, `I take no interest in that grave. I never was in a grave in my life'."
Sir Oliver Lodge, the famous scientist, made the above dramatic statement delivering
the sixth Hailey Stewart lecture at the Memorial Hall, London, last night, his subject
being "Death and the Hereafter".
"Think about the grave as little as possible", proceeded Sir Oliver.
"If people would get over that trouble about interment, and about lying there for
centuries waiting for a general resurrection--all that kind of medieval superstition--they
could begin to regard death as more like what it is, an adventure, an episode that is bound
to be welcome when it comes, and as something not to be afraid of."