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8). If it was a slander to say that Christ's apostle taught such a doctrine, the fact that the
context is occupied with the vindication of God's judgment from the least suspicion of
advantage, or of the engineering of human faithlessness, should cause us equally to
abominate the mere approach to such a thing. That God does overrule evil is abundantly
testified throughout Scripture and experience, but that is an entirely different matter.
Before we conclude this examination it is necessary to become acquainted with the
central section (Rom. 2: 3-3: I). This we must take up in our next article.
What a solid basis for our redemption! True it flows from the love of God; true it is
all of grace and not of merit, yet marvelous to remember He has so wrought that" He
might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus" (Rom. 3: 26). Then what
of that spirit of judgment? that keenness to see error? that" nose for heresy?" What kind
of standard are we setting for ourselves? Should any interpose with a plea of privilege,
parallel to that of the Jew, we would remind such that in addition to Rom. 2:, Col. 3: 25
tells us that: "There is no respect of persons," and that" He that doeth wrong shall receive
for the wrong which he hath done."